IRS Admits Finding 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails Presumed Lost

Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman made 157 visits to the White House prior to the breaking news of the IRS targeting scandal. In comparison with other Cabinet members, the next most frequent visitor to the Obama residence was then Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank who made only 86 visits.

So when the IRS targeting scandal broke, Barack Obama claimed complete ignorance of what was going on and denied any involvement. Yet I can’t help but wonder if the entire targeting policies uncovered were not hatched during all of those frequent White House visits between Shulman and Obama. What other reasons would there have been for such as excessive amount of White House visits? But it’s typical of Obama to deny any wrong and have the blame placed on others.

That brings me to IRS Supervisor Lois Lerner who seems to have been appointed to be the scapegoat for Obama’s illegal actions. It didn’t take long for the scandal to roar through the media world like a wildfire spreading across the Kansas grasslands. As all eyes turned to the IRS for answers, Obama’s scapegoat was singled out to take the fall.

They didn’t entirely hang her out to dry as she was placed on administrative leave with full pay. Making in excess of $120,000 a year in salary, Lerner spent months earning $10,000 per month to sit at home. Oh, yeah, you and I were paying for that whopping non-productive salary.

Not only was the Obama administration paying Lerner to stay at home and take the heat, they also did their best to protect her by suddenly announcing that Lerner’s email correspondence had been lost due to a computer crash. In a government agency known for backups and redundancy, it was too convenient to have all of Lerner’s emails for the time period in question just be mysteriously wiped out by a simple computer problem. The last time Washington tried to use that excuse was the erasure of the infamous 18 minutes of Oval Office tapes from a meeting about the Watergate break-in with then President Richard Nixon

Congress was outraged at learning of the disappearance of the Lerner emails. A public poll indicated that 71% of voters believed that the emails had been intentionally destroyed to protect Lerner and Obama.

If that wasn’t coincidence enough the contract with the company tasked with backing up the IRS computers which includes email correspondence, was suddenly terminated just as the IRS scandal erupted. Supposedly, the company had failed to properly back up Lerner’s email, if you believe that.

After a year of frustration on the part of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Senate Finance Committee issuing subpoena after subpoena seeking documentation of what took place within the hallowed halls of the IRS, suddenly, 30,000 of Lerner’s missing emails have been found. The Treasury Department Inspector General’s office notified Congress on Friday that they had been able to recover thousands of missing emails.

In statement issued by the Inspector General’s office:

“[The Inspector General] “has been able to recover some forensic data which may include documents the IRS believed were missing. This data may include emails to and/or from Lois Lerner which could be material to the investigation.”

Cleta Mitchell, an attorney working in Washington DC told Newsmax:

“Nothing they do surprises me. Nothing they fail to do surprises me.”

“I have no reason to think that this is everything. Now, what I would like to see them do is for the IRS to actually respond to all the subpoenas that have been issued to them by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in the last year and a half.

“That would be the best thing they could do: just go ahead and answer all the subpoenas and do what you’re supposed to do.”

Considering the disregard for the law that runs rampant through the Obama administration, nothing they do surprises me either. If these emails are incriminating for Obama, I wonder if they will ever see the light of day or be read by anyone that matters. There has never been a more corrupt administration in the nation’s history and as the IRS scandal continues to unfold, I’m sure we’ll see more unethical and illegal shenanigans take place.