Irony: Virginia Governor McAuliffe Brings Armed Guard to Gun Control Event

Democrat Terry McAuliffe campaigned on and won the election because of his gun control vision. At a recent gun control rally, Governor McAuliffe attended, but he didn’t come without a properly armed security guard. Otherwise, he would be defenseless.

The main thing that gun control advocates are pushing for nowadays is universal background checks. If they were to get such a law passed nationally, it would likely make private sales and transfers of guns illegal. All sales and transfers would have to be done through a Federal Firearms License holder in order to obtain the proper background check on the buyer or transferee. Breitbart reported:

On September 10 Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) attended the #WhateverItTakes gun control rally with an armed guard by his side.

McAuliffe was at the rally to push for more background checks in the wake of the murder of Virginia reporter Alison Parker, who was killed by a gunman who passed a background check for his weapon.

According to Townhall, when McAuliffe showed up at the rally he “brought his armed body guard with him.” He tried to diminish the irony of bringing an armed guard to a rally focused on limiting access to guns by suggesting anyone at the rally could have lawfully carried a gun if they passed a background check.

If they were to be successful in getting making this a federal law, it would be naïve to think that they’d stop there. Like the name of the rally, they’ll do “whatever it takes.” But they know they can’t go all out with a national gun ban (with exceptions for government officials, of course). They have to take baby steps. It has to be something that’s gradual enough that most people hardly notice. The few that would be outraged would be adequately disparaged and ridiculed in the media and political arena so that most other people wouldn’t pay any attention to them. And then once most people grew complacent with the new law, the gun control crowd would work on the next step. That’s how we got to where we are today.