Iraq: the Best Enemy Money (and American) Blood Can Buy!

So now it seems that Iraq is aiding Iran in shipping arms and support to Syria’s Assad regime:

Iraq says it does not allow the passage of any weapons through its airspace. But the intelligence report obtained by Reuters says Iranian weapons have been flowing into Syria via Iraq in large quantities. Such transfers, the report says, are organized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

This should surprise no one. Of course, because the majority of the mainstream media is complicit in obscuring the basic situation between Iran and Iraq, it is a surprise to many. Specifically, nowhere in this story is there any mention of the word “Shiite.”

So let’s provide a little background. Iraq had a majority of Shiites and a minority of Sunni Muslims. Saddam Hussein was from the minority. As a dictator, he was able to force a secular regime on the Islamic population, enforcing peace between Sunnis and Shiites. Back in the 1980s, the United States aided Iraq and encouraged Hussein to war against Iran. Iran is a majority Shiite country.

So now Hussein is gone. Iraq is a “democracy” and despite Obama’s lectures on democracy, in the real world that means “majority rule.”

So guess which two Mid East countries make natural allies?

Instead of a horrible secular dictatorship, Iraq is now an Islamic democracy with a majority Shiite population. It may totter back into a dictatorship, but it will likely be a Shiite dictator.

No one is going to admit that this was all perfectly obvious from the time we invaded Iraq. Senator John Kerry, who as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee surely knows better, pretended to be all shocked and surprised:

“Maybe we should make some of our assistance or some of our support contingent on some kind of appropriate response,” he said. “It just seems completely inappropriate that we’re trying to help build democracy, support them, put American lives on the line, money into the country, and they’re working against our interest so overtly.”

If you don’t want them working against our interests Senator, then figure out some way to stifle the democracy. On the other hand, if we’re committed to democracy, then we’re just going to have to let the duly-elected Iraqi government make up its own mind. Since they survived years and years of harsh sanctions through the 1990s, I don’t see cutting off aid being such a dire threat to Iraq. Try it and see.

In the meantime, no one has explained why who governs Syria is of any concern to Americans. And no one has explained why working with Iraq to let them defend the Assad regime is morally inferior to working with terrorists to overthrow that regime. Supposedly, if we are really careful, we can support rebels without empowering Al Qaeda in the region. But that is hardly plausible given all the similarities:

The parallels are spooky. In Syria, as in Afghanistan, CIA officers are operating at the borders (in this case, mostly in Jordan and Turkey), helping Sunni insurgents improve their command and control and engaging in other activities. Weapons are coming from third parties (in Afghanistan, they came mostly from China and Egypt; in Syria, they’re mainly bought on the black market). And finally, a major financier for both insurgencies has been Saudi Arabia.

There is simply no reason to trust that our government can pull off such an operation without empowering Jihadists. I hate dictatorships, but I also hate Islamic terrorists. Let’s stay out of it. We don’t need to buy any more enemies.