The Intolerant Conservative

When an industry falls completely inside of one political category, it becomes the equivalent of a monopoly. That monopoly is not economic, but social. Really, a social monopoly is the most dangerous of all, because it influences the mind, rather than the dollar. The most glaring example of a social monopoly is Hollywood. Hollywood is one singular mass of people sharing one ideology: Conservatism.

How long has it been that seemingly every actor in Hollywood is Conservative? I can’t remember a time when there was an even divide between Conservative and Liberal actors and artists. The worst part is that this social monopoly dominates our culture. From television to film, we are surrounded by Conservative ideology.

I suppose it would be one thing if Conservatives in Hollywood were tolerant, like they claim to be, however, their behavior is anything but tolerant. Conservatives steamroll every effort on the part of the Left to speak their minds in public. How is our country—which is so addicted to Hollywood—ever going to see the truth?

For example, actress Melissa Joan Hart Tweeted her support for Barack Obama prior to the 2012 presidential election. Immediately following her Tweet, she received extraordinary backlash. Comments ranged from hopes of death to hopes that her children turned out to be gay. The supposedly tolerant Right showed just how viciously intolerant they could be.

This is not an isolated incident. Actress Stacey Dash Tweeted her support for Barack Obama, and was met with similar wishes. I cannot imagine a world in which this kind of intolerance of someone’s political beliefs would be so widespread and acceptable. But the Conservative community does nothing to combat such outbursts of intolerance. One would like to believe that a community that prides itself on acceptance and tolerance of all people would be so cruel to someone simply because they have a difference of opinion. Isn’t that what tolerance is about?

We have a social monopoly in Hollywood. Conservatism dominates the national opinion because it is broadcast into every home via TV, computers, and every source of entertainment. Americans are so entrenched in their entertainment culture consumption that they don’t realize they are being slowly brainwashed by the Conservative Hollywood agenda. And if anyone dares to speak out, they are trashed by the intoleratti, who mask as people of virtue. Progressives—the sad minority in Hollywood—are being stifled.

I can only hope for a world in which those who advocate love and tolerance for all actually extend it to all, not just their Hollywood buddies. Until then, we’re living in hypocrisy USA.