Intolerant Christians Mildly Respond to Another Jesus Parody

The Huffington Post wanted to make a huge deal out of it. So badly. CrossFit (the popular self-torture exercise program) posted a video to their Facebook page that has apparently caused some controversy. Because that’s the point of Facebook posts right? Anyway, the video was originally meant to make fun of CrossFit—because of how religiously zealous some of its proponents are—by promoting a “Cross” Fit program by Jesus. The official CrossFit organization heard about the video, thought it was funny, and shared it on their page. And that’s where Christians were supposed to come raging in to boycott things and scream and yell.

But they really didn’t. Huffington Post’s headline was very misleading: “CrossFit Posts Jesus Parody On Facebook Page And The Comments Explode”. No. Not really. The comments were actually really polite for the most part. Aside from snarky one-liners from smug atheists so pleased with their lack of “ignorant metaphysical crutches.”

Many of the Christian commenters pointed out that CrossFit would never have made light of Islam. Which they wouldn’t have, of course. Because they don’t want to die. I imagine their are few religious groups any business would feel comfortable mocking. But the one religious group everyone is currently most careful not to offend: the church of the homosexual.

If you really want to see some crazy comments (and some even more mind-numbingly hyper-sexualized advertisements), check out any pro-homosexual site. Or just read any of the comments here from our resident trolls. I read a pro-homosexual comment about Christians once that said: “Now I understand why we used to feed you all to the lions. I tried being understanding, but [blah blah blah].” That’s actually a fairly mild one.

The sad fact is that the majority of active Christians have been treated very badly for a pretty long time. We’ve been mocked regularly in the mainstream media, and for the most part, I think we’ve handled it pretty well. What I find most ironic, and pathetic, in this whole conversation, is the fact that the most vicious attackers of Christianity are also the most sensitive when it comes to their own hobby horses.

Unbelievers in this country seem to do very little but go around obsessing about a God they claim doesn’t exist. I dare say most of them spend more time thinking about God than I do. Perhaps they should find hobbies or something.