Innocence Presumption Gone: Americans Are No Longer Entitled To Fair Trial

If an American citizen is perceived as an imminent threat to the United States or its government, it can now lead to our execution by drone strike. No trial to consider evidence or verdict rendered by your peers, just a death sentence to be carried out by your government. This is the consequence of too much power being consolidated and gifted to one man, the President of the United States.

What I speak of is the forced public admission and highly controversial Obama Administration disclosure (by NBC) of the legal justifications for ordering the execution of an American citizen living abroad—with suspected affiliations to Al Qaeda or terrorists—if the President anticipates that that individual may be conspiring to carry out an alleged act that could threaten the United States. Today our government has admitted that it can and will put to death an American citizen—without the benefit of a trial—if they so determine it is necessary.  Quite a contrast to the Obama DOJ considerations afforded to the civil rights of untried terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay.

I am a long term proponent of covert executions of foreign enemies of the United States. I won’t miss Bin Laden or his Islamist brothers in arms. In reality—for me—they were treated better than they deserved. I believe in the necessity of the certain provisions of the Patriot Act and its careful and frugal use to defend our nation from the threats now living within our borders. I live knowing that my government is and always has been monitoring our citizenry—and to a certain extent—it is necessary, if you wish to get out in front of the bad guys. What I am concerned about is whether or not the government and the fallible men in charge can be trusted to walk the fine line between protector and despot. Trampling all over the U.S. Constitution to service alleged and arbitrary charges will always have long term costs to a free society.

Given the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Americans would do well to consider the unlimited expansion of these powers at the whim of one man. At no other time in my life has one President been given the open and unchallenged power to deprive any of us our freedom—and now possibly our lives—without the benefit of Miranda, trial, and appeal.

I am not Al Qaeda and I am not affiliated with nor a member of any terrorist groups. Judging from comments to some of my articles, I am what many liberals consider a dangerous, if not crazy, ideologue. To be brief, I believe in limited government, a strong and protected U.S. Constitution, a world class military, the right to life, traditional marriage, and individual responsibility. If necessary, I will defend my beliefs and freedoms to the death. I would rather not have to physically defend myself against a tyrannical U.S. government, but if it comes down to it, I will put my life on the line for my country and my family. To many living in the United States, I, and those who agree with me are radical; a threat to their enlightened world views and agendas.

Today in America, our government is being led by a man with a dangerous ideology, an ideology that is contrary to the best traditions in America enforced by his appointees. We are expected to believe that his wisdom and judgment will not be turned against us? We are being asked to accept the President’s determination of whom or what is an “imminent threat” to his America? To roll over and acquiesce to the usurping of our Constitutional rights while left wing sympathizers provide their brand of national security?

The Obama Administration is methodically infringing on American citizens Constitutional rights. Should or will this be tolerated? Is America going to once again wait and see while our cowardly Legislature and sleepy Judiciary wait for the first victim? Depriving an American citizen—even an alleged Al Qaeda affiliate—of due process rights is a danger to us all.  Every American citizen is, by law, entitled to a trial to face their accusers and a defense—not just an Executive ordered execution.

The war on terrorism is not going away. Its fronts are shifting and our government’s battle plans are transforming. What will the enemy look like in four years? Will it still be those now welcomed into OUR WHITEHOUSE, the leaders of the “Muslim Brotherhood” or the unindicted Holy Land trial co-conspirator the “Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR)”? Or will it be conservative Patriots, whose loyalty to American traditions no longer curry favor with our government and are seen as an “imminent threat” to America?

Forgive my hyperbole, liberals. I guess I’m just another crazy and dangerous conspiracy theorist. Oh well, put me on your list.