An Inconvenient Correlation: Homosexuality and Disease

Leftists are really good at making correlations and ascribing causation when it fits their agenda. Correlation is in fact a very sticky concept. Consider that, from the data, one could make a very good case that there is a correlation between US spending on science, space, and technology and suicides by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation.

So it’s not that hard to make data fit, especially when you have reason to do so. That’s why Mark Twain placed statistics at the top of his hierarchy of lies. But there’s one area where leftists refuse to bow to overwhelmingly correlating data: when it comes to homosexuality and disease.

A new CDC report outlines the resurgence of a disease that had nearly been wiped out—syphilis. And it turns out that the main transmitters of this old disease are homosexual men. Overwhelmingly so. The vast majority (83.9%) of syphilis cases in 2012 were homosexual men. That’s astounding.

But it’s not all. The age-old correlation between men who have sex with men (MSM) and HIV/AIDS still stands. In fact, that particular connection is becoming even more entrenched.

But that’s not all. Meth addiction and drug abuse are also particularly high in the homosexual community. Homosexuals are twice as likely to need psychiatric treatment for mental disorders and drug abuse:

A study led by Susan Cochran and her team of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, published in the open access journal BMC Psychiatry, reports that homosexuals seek treatment for mental health issues or substance abuse at a rate over two times higher than heterosexuals.


The study of 2074 people interviewed in the California Health Interview Survey found that 48.5% of homosexual and bisexual individuals reported receiving psychiatric or drug abuse treatment in the past year as compared to 22.5% of heterosexuals.

It’s an inconvenient correlation. You won’t hear the MSM talking about MSM in this light. Because everyone in the leftist community has a vested interest in touting the “normalcy” of homosexual behavior. But let’s face it: if the correlation between human greenhouse gas emmissions and climate change were as obvious as the correlation between homosexuality and social, emotional, personal, and physical affliction, even the most diehard “climate deniers” would all be driving little hybrid cars by now.

Things have gotten so bad, some people aren’t even calling disease in homosexuals an “epidemic” anymore. They’re calling it a “syndemic”—a complex of inter-related afflictions:

The notion of co-infection follows closely a report just published by independent researcher Dale O’Leary in the prestigious Linacre Quarterly of the Catholic Medical Association . . .


O’Leary reports that researchers understand the problems of health among MSM are now so vast and interrelated they are considered a “syndemic,” a linked set of health issues involving two or more afflictions acting in concert within a specific population. According to the medical literature, among MSM these would include diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV but also such pathologies as partner violence, drug abuse, and psychological disorders. Treating a single part of this puzzle would not solve the whole problem.

Homosexuals like to point out that their status as social outcasts make them more likely to be stressed, depressed, etc. And that this state of psychological unrest makes it more likely for them to abuse drugs, need psychiatric help, etc. I guess that could be the case. But it doesn’t fit all of the data. In recent years, homosexuals have gained more and more social acceptance. But in those same years, the syphilis and HIV epidemic among homosexuals has grown markedly worse:

The HIV/AIDS infection rate alone is bleak. From 2008 to 2010 the new HIV infection rate grew 12%, from 26,700 to 29,800 cases reported. One in five sexually active MSM carry the AIDS virus, but nearly half of those don’t even know it.

Normalizing homosexual behavior will not fix this problem. It only makes it worse. And please note, it makes it worse within the homosexual community. Why is it compassionate to encourage “gay” normalcy? Why are leftists dedicated to the destruction of the the homosexual community?