In the Midst of Media’s Unfair Treatment, Ben Carson Raises $3.5 Million

While the media are busy trying to track down Ben Carson’s kindergarten teacher to unearth his next scandal, his campaign brought in $3.5 million from some 70,000 donors. He also garnered another 100,000 Facebook fans. This all happened in the week that the media really started to pile on him.

First, the media questioned Carson’s account of his violent temper as a youth. Then, they questioned his West Point story and accused him of claiming to have received a full scholarship, even though he never said any such thing.

Carson predicted that the media’s treatment of him would actually have the effect of helping him and his campaign. Was his prediction accurate? The Blaze reported:

While Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has criticized a variety of new outlets for their “biased” reporting of late, the retired neurosurgeon did have something to thank them for — campaign donations.

In a post on his Facebook page, Carson said his presidential campaign has garnered more than 100,000 new Facebook followers and has raised $3,500,000 from nearly 70,000 donations.

“Their bias will only make us grow bigger, better and bolder!” the post on Carson’s page reads.

Carson has specifically called out CNN, Politico and the Wall Street Journal for a variety of reports from the publications. In particular, Carson said he is writing a letter to CNN and encouraged his followers to sign their names to the letter in support. 

“Join me in sending a strong message to the liberal media that We the People are united in our resolve,” the post reads.

The media will do anything to create controversy. Their function is to defend the establishment and at the same time, make a profit. Sometimes, that means taking a tiny quote about something that happened decades ago, twisting it, and making false accusations. That not only helps to keep the establishment in power, but it also has the effect of bettering their viewership, ratings and ad revenue.

What the media don’t usually take into consideration is that most Americans despise the media. When Americans see the blatant hypocrisy in how the media treat certain candidates, they react by supporting the candidate that the media currently hate.

Of course, the only reason the media [pretend to] hate that particular candidate is that it’s a non-establishment candidate who’s rising in popularity. That’s the point where the media can get the most bang for their buck. Then, they ride a series of scandal waves before they select the “presumptive” nominee, who always happens to be an establishment favorite whom no one really likes. And people think we have “free” elections. What a travesty.