In Rush to Protect Islam, Media Accidentally Honors ISIS–Immediately Takes Back

In the midst of the fog of war, as we discover more and more about the San Bernardino terror attack, some are still worried about defending Islam.

After the first photo of terrorist Tashfeen Malik was released to the press, Hashem Said, content producer for Al Jazeera America, tweeted that it was disrespectful to show her face:


tweet 2

Hashem Said has since deleted the tweets (thank goodness for screenshots), and apologized. While I’ll give him credit for apologizing–which is something most liberals would never do–his tweets illustrate an inherent contradiction in the left’s perception of the war on radical Islam.

We hear over and over again that ISIS is not Islamic. It’s gotten to the point that many liberal politicians are beginning to use the term Daesh rather than ISIS or ISIL because they don’t want to link Islam with the Islamic State.

If ISIS is not Islamic, if Islam is peace and has no link to Daesh, then why does it matter if Tashfeen Malik was shown without her face-covering?

First, the obvious. Tashfeen Malik, along with her husband Syed Farook, murdered 14 people in cold blood, and planned to murder many more, as evidenced by the dozen pipe bombs and cache of firearm ammunition found in their home. Second, she’s dead. God forbid we show a deceased murderer’s face.

But the theme here is much more profound. Tashfeen Malik was a member of ISIS; she pledged her allegiance to them online. She obviously followed the apocalyptic beliefs of the organization, and as such, was no longer Muslim–at least according to the left.

So, if Tashfeen Malik was not Muslim, because we all know Daesh is not Islamic, darn it, why does it matter if her face was covered? Are we supposed to respect the beliefs of the death cult of Daesh?

This is the left biting its own tail and recoiling in pain. While going out of their way to protect Islam, they reached too far, contradicting themselves. ISIS is NOT Islamic! Don’t you dare show Tashfeen Malik’s face without her head scarf! It’s disrespectfu…..wait. Never mind. Hey look, a bird!

You can’t have your halal and eat it, too.