In Pennsylvania Two Candidates Going Opposite Directions

It’s been a good election season thus far for Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) who is pretty popular in his home state and holds a comfortable lead against his rival Joe Sestak (D-PA). However, this last week hasn’t been so good for Sestak.

Over the July 4th weekend Sestak was engaged in personal politicking during a 4th of July event in Pennsylvania – shaking hands, kissing babies, etc. The only problem was that Sestak kept trampling poor, defenseless children as he went around trying to win votes.

And… someone caught it all on camera! (Listen with the audio on for the full effect.)



Meanwhile, Pat Toomey was busy releasing a positive ad that highlights the good work he’s done keeping the children of Pennsylvania safe.



Seriously? Could the dueling optics be any worse for Sestak? The day he’s running Pennsylvania’s kids over in the street, Toomey is talking about how he’s keeping those same kids safer? That was a rough 4th of July weekend for the Democrat.