In Ferguson, Missouri – Dr. Ben Carson says We Must All Learn to Respect Each Other

In a performance that can only be described as “vintage” Ben Carson, the only African-American Presidential candidate spoke out on issues of race, justice and law enforcement from Ferguson, Missouri this past weekend. Dr. Carson visited Ferguson while campaigning and made a point to speak directly to the racial animosity that comes to mind when Americans discuss the events that happened there last year.

“I heard more than one time how the thing that really inflamed the community was the fact that Michael Brown’s body laid out on the street for four hours. I think a lot of people understood that he had done bad things, but his body didn’t have to be disrespected. I heard also that people need to learn how to respect authority…

It is very important that police are taught to be respectful of everybody. My point is we need to make sure respect is offered in both directions.”

Dr. Carson is simple proof that there is a right way to talk about the racial division in our country (just as President Obama is proof that there is a wrong way to do it). We need more leaders like Dr. Carson being willing to speak about this issue in a compassionate and humble manner.

Dr. Carson is a wonderful example of humanity for every American.