In a Fight with Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush will Lose because He Just Doesn’t Get it


Jeb Bush brilliantly showed why he doesn’t stand a chance in a head-to-head matchup against Hillary Clinton while on MSNBC on Monday. He argued that he wouldn’t talk about Bill Clinton’s past immorality in a fight for the presidency because it just didn’t matter. What Bush fails to realize is that if he chooses to ignore the Clinton Family’s moral failings (much as Mitt Romney chose to ignore Obama’s many personal failings) than he can’t hope to overcome the Democrat nominee. Why? Because Team Clinton will most certainly be beating up on the Bush family…

Mika Brzezinski: Bill Clinton’s past sexual controversies, (LAUGHTER) fair game? I, I ask because it’s out there. And I ask because this weekend even The New York Times did an editorial saying it’s not. But then went on and on about how she helped him survive these events for his and her career. So you’ve got news outlets…

Joe Scarborough: –editorial board actually saying that she and the president were part of a team that disparaged women–

Jeb Bush: Who accused her?

Joe Scarborough: –from sexual harassment. So is it fair game if The New York Times editorial board’s even talking about it?
Jeb Bush: Here’s, here’s what I, here’s what I, we’re sittin’ at the Kemp Forum on Poverty. We have six and a half million more people livin’ in poverty. Disposable income for the middle class is down $2,300 since Barack Obama’s become president. (LAUGH) Talkin’ about sexual misdeeds of the 1990s? Doesn’t seem very relevant to me. And frankly, we’re not gonna win if we live in the past.

Joe Scarborough: –but, but what if Hillary Clinton–

Jeb Bush: We’re gonna win if we offer–

Joe Scarborough: But what if Hillary Clinton starts talking about how Republicans– have a war against women? Is Hillary Cli– I mean, that is why– this is actually–

Jeb Bush: Well, then go after the likely Democratic candidate for not being trustworthy. Focus on the president and the future. I, I just– is it, is it, I mean, did, did, doing what he did, was it appropriate? Heck, no, it wasn’t. You know, of course it wasn’t. But that’s long gone.

Joe Scarborough: What’s the mo–

Jeb Bush: Bill Clinton’s not running for president. Hillary Clinton is.