In 2008, ABC News Predicted New York City Would be Submerged in Water by Now Because of Global Warming

Along with the rising sea level prediction, they also said that gas would be $9 a gallon, and milk would be $12.99 per carton. As with every other dire prediction the global warming conspiracy theorists claimed would happen, these also have failed to come to fruition. They said these prophecies would be fulfilled by June of 2015. Last I checked, New York City is fine, gas is less than $3 a gallon, and milk is less than $4 a gallon.

Scott Whitlock with NewsBusters wrote:

Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Bob Woodruff hyped Earth 2100, a special that pushed apocalyptic predictions of the then-futuristic 2015.


On June 12, 2008, correspondent Bob Woodruff revealed that the program “puts participants in the future and asks them to report back about what it is like to live in this future world. The first stop is the year 2015.”

As one expert warns that in 2015 the sea level will rise quickly, a visual shows New York City being engulfed by water. The video montage includes another unidentified person predicting that “flames cover hundreds of miles.”  Then-GMA co-anchor Chris Cuomo appeared frightened by this future world. He wondered, “I think we’re familiar with some of these issues, but, boy, 2015? That’s seven years from now. Could it really be that bad?”  Ultimately, ABC delayed the air-date for Earth 2100 and the one-hour show didn’t debut until June 2, 2009. The program showcased the terrible impact of global warming from 2015 through 2100. In the special, a “storm of the century” wiped out Miami. Other highlights included a destroyed New York City and an abandoned Las Vegas. By 2084, Earth’s population will apparently be just 2.7 billion. 

Here are some gems from the transcript of their 2008 special:

JAMES HANSEN (NASA/AL GORE SCIENCE ADVISOR): We can see what the prospects are and we can see that we could solve the problem but we’re not doing it. 

 [Graphic: Welcome to 2015]

PETER GLEICK (SCIENTIST/PACIFIC INSTITUTE): In 2015, we’ve still failed to address the climate problem. 

JOHN HOLDREN (PROFESSOR/HARVARD UNIVERSITY): We’re going to see more floods, more droughts, more wildfires. 

UNIDENTIFIED “REPORTER:” Flames cover hundreds of square miles. 

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: We expect more intense hurricanes. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE #5: Well, how warm is it going to get? How much will sea level rise? We don’t know really know where the end is. 

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE #2: Temperatures have hit dangerous levels.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE #3: Agriculture production is dropping because temperatures are rising. 

HEIDI CULLEN (WEATHER CHANNEL/CLIMATE CHANGE EXPERT): There’s about one billion people who are malnourished. That number just continually grows. 

In their predicted dystopia, wildfires, droughts, earthquakes and floods are on the rise. While the media’s reporting of those events are on the rise, in reality, there’s been no increase in extreme weather events. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a thing as a “hurricane drought.”

They were setting everyone up. They knew the science was against them. But they have an agenda. So, seven years ago, they went ahead made all these ridiculous, over-the-top predictions about increasing extreme weather events, with the express purpose of simply over reporting those events in the coming years in order to validate their claims.