Impeach Obama T-Shirts Ruled Safety Hazard by Town Council

Located along the western boundary of Wisconsin, the tiny town of Campbell mostly consists of water.  The total area within the city limits is 12.57 square miles, but the town’s 4,400 residents live on the 3.84 square miles of land that is surrounded by the Mississippi River.  It is a small suburb of the La Crosse metropolitan area.

Campbell is such a small and somewhat secluded town that it rarely makes the news, but that may soon change.  The entire La Crosse area, including Campbell is a strong Democratic stronghold where Barack Obama garnered over 60% of votes and that Democratic loyalty has raised its ugly head in tiny Campbell.

After a group of people donned on t-shirts and then stood on a pedestrian overpass, the city board members passed an ordinance making it illegal for anyone to erect or display signs or other things on the pedestrian overpass citing that it poses a hazard to traffic.  The t-shirts in question each had a different letter on the front that when lined up in order spelled ‘impeached’ and on the backs the shirts spelled out ‘Obama.’

As you can imagine, the local Democrats can’t stand for anyone to say or display anything negative about their usurper in the White House.  If they or anyone else does anything similar on the pedestrian overpass, they will be subject to arrest.

On behalf of the group with the t-shirts and others, the Thomas More Law Center has filed a lawsuit against the ordinance, claiming it is a violation of the First Amendment right of free speech.  The have also asked for a temporary injunction against the ordinance until their lawsuit can be heard.

The TMLC researched all 9-1-1 calls in the area and could not find a single incident related to any of the free speech events such as the t-shirts being worn on the pedestrian overpass.

Erin Mersino, a trial attorney with the Thomas More Law Center commented about the 9-1-1 research, saying:

“So I think that they will be very hard pressed to prove that this actually serves any sort of public safety purpose.”

It’s obvious that the only purpose the Campbell ordinance serves is to silence opponents of Obama.  The town board of supervisors are abusing their power, as many Democrats are trying to do and violate the First Amendment rights of citizens.  But then Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder have set the precedent for violating the Constitution, Bill of Rights and US laws in general without any consequences.  They are acting no different than the British were 240 years ago or the Nazis were in Germany 70 years ago.  Law firms like the Thomas More Law Center need to do everything they can to put an end to the unconstitutional tyranny of Obama, his fellow Democrats and their comrades in Campbell, Wisconsin.