Immigration Reform Doesn’t Solve Any American Problems?

Let’s be honest, our immigration system is not broken, our government is broken. Our immigration system worked fine until the government started changing the rules some 40 or so years ago. Our government’s failure to enforce existing immigration laws—since the Reagan amnesty was granted—has created the illegal immigration mess that plagues both the American workforce and our nation’s entitlement culture. Yet somehow Americans are being brainwashed into believing—as it was with Obamacare—that adding tens of millions of people to our citizenry through the creation of Immigration Reform Laws and Amnesty will alleviate the fiscal burdens of having to care for all those people “living in the shadows.”

Over the last ten years the illegal immigration crisis has been reshaped—by politicians worried about the dominance of one party or another— to resemble a moral fight for basic human rights. Somehow discussing the financial ramifications of illegal workers and the businesses that hire them living off the benevolence of our federal and state taxpayer is now considered political taboo. The actual costs of subsidizing the lives of illegal workers and their employers isn’t even on the radar for the party I reluctantly vote for and will never be a concern for liberals since it’s clear that Immigration Reform—in the greater political sphere— now trumps national bankruptcy and 23 million unemployed American citizens life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I always find it odd that the size of the illegal immigrant population—according to the government— has not increased much in the last 10 years. If you believe the politically correct propaganda that dominates the immigration enforcement/reform debate, for some reason, since the year 2000, we still have only 10-11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Yet the costs of caring for the medical, educational and general welfare of this group of trespassers goes up every year by a factor that disproves government illegal immigration estimates. Now, our government wants us to believe that granting these so-called loyal people citizenship will eradicate the taxpayer costs associated with unskilled immigrant labor and the non-English speaking/poorly educated underclass they represent.

Economic opportunities for less educated Americans (non-college graduates) are at an all-time low and college educated Americans are dropping out of the job search process every month. Tens of millions of Americans are—to be blunt—living of U.S. taxpayer subsidy forcing a never ending expansion of our national debt to cover the benefit checks that continue to flow from Uncle Obama and the Washington elite to Americans that don’t have a job through no fault of their own. And we are supposed to believe that Amnesty will correct that how?

There is a direct correlation between the historical influx of unskilled illegal workers and high unemployment among working class Americans. It also bears mentioning that wages in many labor intensive occupations have been kept low by the government tolerated invasion of illegal workers in America. Since the 1980’s real wages for American workers has remained stagnant and the income gap has widened in the United States even as U.S. GDP has increased. Between 1980 and 2000 wages for American citizens with a high school diploma have fallen.

Contrary to popular propaganda, Illegal workers are doing jobs that Americans are willing to do, have been doing and require to support their families and our economy. Jobs in the construction field and  manufacturing, that once provided for a solid middle class lifestyle, no longer offer the pay or benefits non-college educated Americans relied upon for decent careers and futures. And immigration reform is supposed to solve this problem? American citizens of all backgrounds are now supposed to believe that the illegal immigration crisis will magically disappear and job growth for American non-college graduate workers will mysteriously become plentiful once illegal workers are made citizens and allowed to………….vote? Or is it pay taxes?

Immigration reform is not a solution to America’s fiscal, unemployment or healthcare problems. It is simply a fight to claim credit for the creation of a new constituency of voters. If Republicans are hoping that pandering to Hispanics will give them an edge in the 2014 elections they are seriously mistaken. Our last election should serve as a resounding message to Republicans. Hispanics like the government handouts and special treatment being offered by the Democrats and President Obama. Granting amnesty to tens of millions of Latinos will only provide the Democrats with what they need; a few more million entitlement craving Americans to add to their anti-American electorate while alienating the conservative Republican base.

If the Democrats and Republicans wish to add a growing population to their dedicated base of supporters I would suggest they do it without playing with American citizenship. The United States taxpayer cannot afford to add millions of new citizens with a history of addiction to government money as legal entitlement recipients. Our national priorities should be immigration enforcement, debt and deficit reduction, tax reform and economic growth. Not some new social cause that will only add to the debt while politicians worry about their next campaign. Immigration reform is nothing more than a new law that adds millions of government dependent people to a government created problem. America doesn’t always need a new law to fix its problems. The sooner our government learns that the better off our Republic will be.