Immigrants Spread Their Filth, Defecate In Public

The old year is over, and because the natural course of society is downward, ever downward, down into the sludge, I fully expect 2014 to be just awful.

In 2013 we saw concerted efforts from both the Democrats and the Republicans to grant amnesty to all the lawless third-worlders who’ve illegally colonized our country.

I have no doubt it will be attempted again this year. Democrats will try it because they know Hispanics are natural leftists and will reliably vote Democratic, and Republicans will try it because they’re idiots and believe Hispanics will vote for them just because they were able to be dragged to the amnesty table, kicking and screaming, by the Democrats.

Great Britain has its own immigration problem. Putting Muslims aside for now, Britain has an infestation of gypsies, called Roma.

Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants are dirtying the place up. As reported at the Daily Mail:

A leading Conservative has warned that council taxpayers face rising costs from the influx of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants set to start tomorrow—and claims that Roma are already causing trouble by begging aggressively and defecating in public.
And a police commissioner in the Midlands revealed that more crimes are committed by Romanians than by any other group of foreign nationals in his area….

Did you catch that part about public defecation? They’re like foreign Occupy participants.

But they’re also like Mexicans—not Hispanics in general, but Mexicans in particular.

The friend of a guy I know had his Mexican friend over to his house. The Mexican friend, supposedly Americanized, used the bathroom in the house at one point.

A few hours later, the guy whose house it was went in to use the bathroom that his Mexican friend had used hours earlier.

He discovered used toilet paper, browned and dirtied, in the bathroom’s small garbage can.

He confronted his Mexican friend about that and the Mexican said that’s what they do in Mexico because they have bad plumbing, and it’s just something Mexicans do in America now too.

As I and two others were being told this story, one of the others had a revelation.

“Ohhh,” he said. “That’s why there’s always poop-covered toilet paper in the garbage cans where I work! We have a lot of Mexican customers.”

The other guy listening to the story said he has had experience with this too. He works at a sports-apparel store in the mall, he said, and the employees are always finding brown paper bags in the back of the store with poop in them. Mexicans who can’t find a bathroom whip out these bags in public, drop trow, and drop deuces.

The moral of the story for Republicans is this: in 2014, please, Republicans, know that in trying to grant amnesty, you’re trying to grant it to truly filthy people.