Immigrant Hops Fence While US Senators Tour Mexican Border

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that the Arizona – Mexico border is safer now than it’s been in years.  According to the report, the border is more heavily guarded using Blackhawk helicopters, drones, surveillance towers, infrared cameras, motion detectors and increased Border Patrol.  They also referred to the 18 foot high border fence that stretches across part of the Arizona – Mexico border, but that fence is far from being complete and may never be completed.

However, as four US Senators, John McCain (R-AZ), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Michael Bennet (D-CO), were touring the border at Nogales, Arizona, a female Mexican national managed to scale the 18 foot border fence right before their eyes.  Border Patrol agents on the scene quickly apprehended the woman.

McCain instantly tweeted about the event:

“Just witnessed a woman successfully climb an 18-ft bollard fence a few yards from us in Nogales. And Border Patrol successfully apprehended her, but incident is another reminder that threats to our border security are real.”

They’re real alright.  Just one month ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer toured the Arizona – Mexican border in a National Guard Blackhawk helicopter and reported seeing what she was told were drug cartels poised ready to cross into the US.  Brewer’s report of the border differs from what the liberal media is saying and what the four senators saw.  Brewer reported:

“I was just down there last week.”

“I was with the National Guard. I was in a Blackhawk. I saw them on the other side, the drug cartels, ready to come across in the middle of the night. It is not secure.”

“The ranchers will tell you, if you sit down and talk to them, that they’re fearful, that the border patrol is too far north.”

“They need to get closer to the border because they let them go so far, and then they just sort of blend in, and they’re destroying their land and destroying their cattle, they’re destroying their water.”

“They’re frustrated. And I believe that until the ranchers, law enforcement, is satisfied and they tell us that this border is secured, there’s not going to be a whole lot of movement.”

Ranchers along the Arizona – Mexico border also tell a different story than what is being reported in the news.  They witness illegal aliens and drug traffickers crossing the border and across their land almost on a daily basis.  Tons of litter and debris can be found along the numerous paths they have carved into the hard desert ground by the passing of thousands of human feet.

I can’t help but wonder if the incident with the Mexican woman climbing the fence just as the senators are touring, was staged for their benefit.  Border Patrol agents caught and arrested her almost as soon as her feet hit US soil.  Could it have been staged to show just how efficient the Border Patrol is?  The woman could have been paid a paltry amount of money to cooperate with authorities to stage the stunt.

So who are you going to trust or believe about the security of the Arizona – Mexico?  Local ranchers and residents are reporting what they are seeing.  The feds and media report that the border is more secure than ever.

  • They don’t tell you that over 1000 illegals have been found dead in the hot Arizona desert since 2004 and that nearly 2000 were found dead between 1998 and 2004.
  • They don’t tell you of the ranchers that have been shot at and killed by illegals or the homes near the border that have been burglarized by illegals.
  • They don’t tell you how many residents have purchased guns and dogs for protection from illegals.
  • And if you ask Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he’ll tell you that the amount of illegal human and drug traffic has not reflected the reports of a secure border.

My response to the politicians and media is that if they truly believe the Arizona – Mexico border is that secure, then let’s see them move and live down there.  Then we’ll ask them again in 6 months to a year, if they’re still there.