I’m a Liberal Democrat Because My Dad Worked In a Coal Mine!

This past weekend, I was shopping for a new sump pump and went to a couple local hardware stores.  At one of those stores, I got into a conversion with the salesman.  He told me that he only worked part time since retiring ten years earlier.  I told him I never wanted to retire as I am still tired and all I want is to get untired, not retired.  He chuckled and then asked what I do. When I told him that I write for politically conservative websites, he quickly told me that he was a liberal democrat.  When I asked why, he told me that it was because his dad worked in a coal mine.

This man was in his seventies and he was a liberal Democrat not because of any political platform or any other reason other than his dad was a coal miner.

I tried to engage him with several questions about the condition of the country and how President Obama has only made things worse, and he said he doesn’t discuss politics and then repeated that his dad worked in a coal mine and that his dad was a liberal Democrat, so he was a liberal Democrat.  I told him that my dad was a Democrat and I started out as a Democrat years ago, but when I saw how the Democratic Party stood against all of the principles of our Founding Fathers, I switched to the Republican Party because they stood on preserving those principles.   Again he said that was and always will be a liberal Democrat and he doesn’t discuss politics.

As I walked away from this salesman, I thought to myself that this is why so many people are still supportive of Obama and the Democratic Party.  Their parents were liberal Democrats and they were raised liberal Democrats so they will remain liberal Democrats.  They won’t question Democratic leaders or their policies as that would be betraying their parents and family.

To these people, being a liberal Democrat is more like a religion.  It was the religion of their parents and to leave the church of the liberal Democrats would be a betrayal to family.  Thus, they blindly follow the churches leadership and if necessary, drink the Kool-Aid at election time.

This, folks, is the reason why, with the worse record of any president in American history, Obama still leads in many polls.  And this just may be part of the reason why he may be re-elected in November.