Illinois Democrat Cracks Racial Joke Toward Half-Black Republican; No One Cares

Well, no one cares except Republicans, but when they’re the only ones who care, the media generally yawn in response.

Now, in reality, I don’t care what this Illinois representative said. Race politics bore me. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bore me. And I don’t care if some black guy calls some white guy a “whitey” or a “cracka.” I think it’s supposed to make me mad, but it doesn’t do anything.

In the same way, what this Democrat Representative said is supposed to outrage me, but it has no effect on me. What bothers me about race politics is that it’s so biased against white conservatives and toward black liberals. If a white conservative says something critical about a black liberal, the media collectively yell racism and demand apologies and immediate resignations. If a black liberal says something disparaging about a white conservative, no one in the media care. And this tells me that liberals in the media don’t care one bit about race relations in this country. Actually, let me rephrase. They do care about race relations, but not in achieving some “colorblind” society. They want as much race-based fighting and violence as possible, because it’s profitable for them. Anything that outrages, makes money.

So, here’s Illinois Democrat State Representative Chapa LaVia talking about charter school reform:

“What we find is there are a lot of [charter school] issues coming up in newspapers — that they’re underperforming or that their expulsion rate is high. There’s starting to be a segregation of children between the have and have nots,” Chapa LaVia said. “Listen to me minorities, I’m over here because we’re all over on this side, right? What you’ll also find — wait, we have a half, we have a half. So, so, our children that we find that are in the lower percentile, in the highest ability to go up, right, are being denied access to some of these grade schools, because we don’t have the parent engagement we would like.”

When she said, “We have a half, we have a half,” she was pointing behind her to the “Republican side” of the room, where half-black Republican John Anthony was sitting. You can watch the video:

She got called out from a (white) Republican, after which LaVia offered a halfhearted “sorry-if-I-offended-you” apology from the House floor.

Then, she claimed that her statement was taken out of context; that she wasn’t referring to half-black representative John Anthony; that she was somehow talking about herself addressing the Democratic “half” of the room. Then, she apologized again:

“I want to deeply apologize to my side of the aisle over here, my colleagues, my brothers and sisters for my personality meltdown yesterday,” she said. “I deeply apologize for the words that came out of my mouth,” she continued. “The tongue sometimes is the most dangerous part of somebody’s body.”

No one’s calling for her resignation.

Representative John Anthony accepted her apologies and responded well to the matter, effectively disregarding her flippant comments about his being a “half” and instead focusing on what he thought was truly important:

“Representative Chapa LaVia has apologized twice and I take her at her word that she is regretful for her comments; although I wish she would reconsider her unrelenting efforts to dismantle charter schools in Illinois. Education is the foundation of success for every American student and we should be promoting choice and competition. As a black Republican, I recognize this is not the first time that race has been used in debate in a legislative forum, nor sadly is it likely to be the last. Our reaction should always be to condemn the use of race as a tool to divide Americans from each other; and instead recommit ourselves to debating public policy differences on their merits; and never on racial, ethnic, or purely partisan grounds.”

This is why liberals always bring up race and use the race card incessantly. Because it “divides Americans from each other,” as Representative Anthony said above. It has nothing to do with genuine outrage or being offended. It’s always used as a tool. And this half-black Republican isn’t interested in playing some stupid race game.