Illegals Rape And Murder More Than Their Fair Share

President Obama, his liberal activist media, and our corrupt politicians favor the public’s adoption of the quaint and myopic fallacy that “undocumented immigrants” are “dreamers” pursuing an honest life in America. However, illegal aliens are not all aspiring law school graduates, teachers, and God-fearing family members. In reality, many so-called “dreamers” are career murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and gang members. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security conveniently neglects to catch, identify, and catalogue them before they enter America and commit heinous crimes.

Although Janet Napolitano has broadcast the claim that the U.S./Mexican border is “mostly secure” our government continues to condone the flow of illegal aliens in and out of the United States. For years, Illegal aliens have contributed to an obscene rise in violent and deadly crimes in America. Even with illegal alien violent crime, steadily rising, there are no Obama instigated liberal media crusades to empower law enforcement to crackdown on or regulate the source of thousands of U.S. citizen deaths and violations committed by our illegal alien population. Just calls for Amnesty.

Instead, legal gun ownership, which allows American citizens to prevent the potential violation and murder of U.S. women and children by the thousands, every day, is on a path to Obama mandated regulation. Even though legal gun owners successfully use their weapons, 2.4 million times per year, to protect themselves and families against the increasing number of violent illegal alien criminal acts, President Obama has made it a priority to infringe on citizens constitutionally protected right to self-defense.

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegals in the United States. The motives for these homicides differ, as do the weapons of choice, but the fact remains that tens of thousands of U.S. citizens are dead and thousands of families traumatized as a direct result of our government’s toleration and support of illegal immigration. The majority of open murder warrants issued in many U.S. cities detail homicides committed by an illegal alien. Today in America, President Obama’s ongoing failure to enforce immigration laws have led to thousands of senseless American deaths and sexual violations at the hands of undocumented criminals whom Obama is helping not only to enter our country but also to become potential American citizens.

The Violent Crimes Institute estimates that there are 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders, each responsible for four separate violent sexual assaults, roaming American neighborhoods. Many have never been charged or convicted of these crimes. Indiscriminate rape is now one of the many requirements for initiation into one of the thousands of America’s Hispanic and Latino gangs. Many of these rapes go unreported.

Obama’s beloved “undocumented dreamers” have perpetrated hundreds of thousands of forcible rapes of American women and children and these crimes continue to go unprosecuted because law enforcement does not possess the technology to identify and the power to detain many of these serial monsters. For many Illegals arrest, conviction, and imprisonment have yet to, and may never, occur because of President Obama’s selective immigration enforcement mandates. In other words, Obama’s federal immigration enforcement policies allow violent criminals to walk our streets without ever being charged for their crimes. President Obama is abandoning American victims of illegal alien violent crime—mostly women and children—and the media remains silent.

AAA statistics confirm that twenty percent of fatality accidents on American roads involve non-licensed alien drivers. Thirteen U.S. citizens die every day in drunk-driving accidents perpetrated by illegal aliens. Close to 40% of illegals taken into custody claim being arrested and released an average of five times before they finally had to answer for their crimes and are subsequently deported. Moreover, 70% of these aliens have prior deportations, regularly cross our southern border, some using various aliases in order to avoid the law. So much for securing the U.S. borders. Thanks to Obama, illegals no longer fear arrest and deportation. They just find it inconvenient.

President Obama and many of our elected officials are choosing to strip Americans of our constitutional right to defend ourselves using firearms rather than direct the federal law enforcement community to attack the violent illegal alien crime problem Obama immigration policies have fueled in America. Liberal politicians and the media elite are busy vilifying American gun owners and recklessly overlooking the illegal alien perpetrated mass rapes and murders that occur every day all over America.

If you believe any illegal alien residing in America who has committed a serious crime will never become a U.S. citizen or risks deportation, think again. If America wants to register or regulate anything, let us start with illegal aliens first. If our goal is to lower random acts of senseless violence, Americans do not need to look any further than those that have chosen to live in the shadows, after all every one of them is hiding something or someone.