Illegals Getting Free Legal Service Paid for by You and Me

Have you ever looked into hiring an attorney for any reason only to be shocked at the outrageous fees they charge? Why do you think there are so many people arrested that are left to the mercy of public defenders?

When my wife and I were hit on the interstate by a careless teenager and I suffered permanent injuries, we were forced to hire an attorney. I found out that his fee was one third of everything we got from the lawsuit. After paying him and our medical bills, we were left with practically nothing to help cover any future problems of which there have been many.

Another time I enquired into the services of an attorney and was told that the going rate ranged from $250 per hour to as much as $1,000 per hour depending on the services. Is it any wonder that websites like are so popular?

As a US citizen we have the right to proper legal counsel and representation, but most of us cannot afford it. So how would feel if you found out that your tax dollars were going to be used to help Obama’s illegal aliens obtain legal services to help them stay in this country?

In a recent announcement made by the Health and Human Services Department, the Obama administration is making $9 million available to some of the illegal kids that poured across the border from Central America. The money is being given as grants to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants to help them provide the legal services. They estimate this will help only 2,600 of the nearly 90,000 illegal kids.

First of all, why are the same anti-religious groups screaming about a violation of church and state with the feds giving grant money to a Catholic organization? They’re remaining silent because this actually helps their agenda and fighting it would not be in the best interest of American liberalism.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and opposes the grants, saying:

“To end the surge at the border, the Obama administration should instead focus its efforts on deterring future border crossers and enforcing the laws against illegal entry into the United States. Without such actions, the flood of people attempting to cross the border illegally will only continue.”

Every time you turn around, the Obama administration is giving more legal rights to illegals than most US citizens have. They get free education, free medical care, free government handouts and now some are getting free legal counsel.

Rasmussen Reports recently asked likely voters if they believe illegals should have the same rights and protections as US citizens. 68% said no and only 19% said yes. When asked if illegals should be eligible for government services and benefits, 71% said no and only 16% said yes.

Nearly 2 out of every 3 voters polled said they believe the lure of government money and services continues to draw more illegals across the border. When asked if they approved of having the illegals housed in their state, only 38% said yes and another 47% said they believe that it should require the approval of local officials first.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of Americans completely disagree with Obama’s policies on the handling of illegals. They don’t want them here and they don’t want to give them any benefits or money and that includes free legal counsel. So when will enough be enough and drive the American people to openly rebel against Obama and his socialist regime?