Illegals Flying Without Valid ID, But You Can’t

The Transportation Security Administration, better known as the TSA, was created on November 19, 2001, just a couple of months after the 9-11 attacks. The purpose behind the formation of the TSA was to prevent other terrorists from boarding airplanes and using them as weapons of mass destruction.

To the best of my knowledge, TSA has not arrested a single would be terrorist or prevent any from boarding airplanes. However, they do have an impressive record of stealing money and items from passenger luggage along with harassing, humiliating and sexually molesting the American public.

Among the most celebrated security measures taken by the TSA includes ordering a wounded war hero to stand up even though he had lost both of his legs in Iraq. They exposed the breasts of a girl when a TSA agent pulled the straps from her dress off her shoulder. They humiliated a dying passenger in front of other passengers. They arrested a man carrying a jar of all natural peanut butter and they confiscated a two inch toy gun from a very dangerous sock monkey.

The list goes on and on and on about TSA’s heroic achievements but I would like to focus on two recent endeavors taken on by our noble TSA.

A little over a week ago, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson ordered TSA agents at certain foreign airports to tighten security to prevent any possible terrorist attacks. There have been no specific threats, but they believe that al Qaeda or Taliban terrorists may try to come to the US via flights out of certain foreign airports.

In the wake of those supposed increased terrorist threats, TSA is now allowing illegal aliens to board planes here in the US without any form of valid ID. Illegals that have been released on their own recognizance by Customs and Border Patrol personnel are being allowed to use their Notice to Appear forms to board planes. These forms have no photo ID and can easily be forged and printed on any home computer. They don’t have to produce any form of photo ID like you and I do.

Now consider the fact that a growing number of Muslims from the Middle East have been illegally crossing our border from Mexico. They don’t have to try to board planes in foreign airports when they can walk right across the border into the US. If caught by Border Patrol agents and they don’t have a criminal record, they stand a good chance of being issued a Notice to Appear form and released on their own recognizance. They will be free to fly anywhere in the US without a valid ID and carry out any terrorist act they wish. How safe does that make you feel?

As a US citizen, we have to show a valid photo ID to board any plane in the US, but illegals don’t.

As a US citizen, we have to pay for our healthcare, but illegals don’t.

As a US citizen, we pay for our education through our taxes, but illegals don’t.

As a US citizen, we pay taxes, but illegals don’t.

As a US citizen, we’re being forced to pay for the care of illegals.

As a US citizen, we’re being forced to be sensitive to the cultural heritage of illegals, but they are allowed to trample all over our culture and heritage.

Welcome to Obama’s United States of Illegals.