Illegal Kids to Further Bankrupt American School Districts

Barack Obama has been telling us that he is planning on deporting the thousands of illegal alien unaccompanied kids back to their home countries. Yet, it seems that at least 30,000 of them are to be placed into the public school system throughout the US.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration announced that 30,340 foreign youths and children have already been placed around the US. At the time, the report also stated that there were another 4,280 still remaining in Texas near where the illegals kids crossed the border.

Newsmax postulates that as many as 100,000 illegal kids could be distributed throughout the US and end up in the public schools and this is going to have a huge negative impact in education nationwide. Caroline Woodason, Assistant Director for Student Support for the Dalton, Georgia schools, told the local media:

“[In many cases, such students have] very, very limited amounts of education [and] in some cases, they cannot count to 10. They can’t turn on a computer. They’ve never even seen a computer. Also, they, in most cases, cannot speak English or Spanish.”

Many of the students don’t speak Spanish either, but the dialects and languages of their native areas. Schools will have to find out what language and dialect each student speaks and then take the time and expense to teach them English so they will be able to understand and learn in the public school system.

Robin Hambly, an Education Specialist in Fairfax, Virginia reported that her school district had a 22% increase in the number of Central American students since 2011, putting their total numbers up to 5,192. She also reports:

“Teachers [are] dealing with children not just learning English but years below expected grade/achievement level.”

Debra Duardo, Executive Director for Human Services for the Los Angeles Unified School District also reports problems being encountered by the huge influx of Central American illegal kids. She reported:

“There’s no way a [foreign] child is going to be able to come to school ready and able to learn if we don’t address some of the other issues they’re facing.”

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of school districts around the nation are already facing severe budget deficits incurred with educating the kids of American citizens. Now they are being asked to take special steps to educate illegal kids that don’t speak English and are up to three years behind American students of the same age. These special measures necessary to bring these illegal kids up to speed will be costly. The school districts will be forced to make some very difficult decisions.

School districts will push for referendums to be placed on the ballots hoping residents will be willing to pay higher taxes just to pay for educating illegal kids most likely at the expense of their own kids. Many of those referendums will not pass and school districts will be forced to eliminate programs for American kids in order to pay for the programs necessary for the illegal kids. Some districts may be forced to lay off teachers in order to pay for the illegal kids.

Obama’s invited illegal kids will bankrupt many a school district and American kids will suffer, but then he’s never cared about American citizens and their rights.