Illegal Immigration a Boon for Racists

Racists need all the help they can get in substantiating their claims that race/genetics predispose people to their fate. They have this claim that your material trumps the immaterial. For instance, if you are black, they assume you are destined for crime, low education, and poverty. They make similarly broad-stroked generalizations about Hispanic people. But the only Hispanic people they have ever seen are usually immigrants. And the only black people they take into account are slaves to the civil government just like their great great grandparents were slaves to the plantation.

Immigrants usually get a bad rap. And they usually lend their bad reputation to their country or race of origin. Just think about it: the people who emigrate from their homeland generally do so because they are in dire straits—at the end of the line. These are not the successful people. These people generally have no other options. And when a huge percentage of your population starts to leave, it makes sense that your country, and maybe even your race, would start to develop a bad reputation.

Most nations are not ethnically diverse because most national boundaries are created according to customs and cultures that surround common languages. Inter-marriage usually also happens within the same language, so it makes sense that most countries should be fairly narrow genetically and culturally monolithic.

Unlike most countries, the United States is not like that. Mostly because we are a country of immigrants. And we have always had greater opportunities than most any other country in the world for the destitute to make a living. So the destitute have come to us in the time of their country’s distress. And just to reiterate, their country’s distress is, in most cases, interchangeable with, their race’s distress.

So the Irish race in the States was characterized (mostly negatively) by their large immigrant community. Even though it was really circumstances, like the Great Famine, that forced many Irish people to America, this didn’t change the fact that the poor, destitute Irish that came to America in the 19th century became the butt of racial and ethnic prejudice.

The fact is that they were Irish and also poor. But racists, who are never short of logical fallacies, believed this correlation equalled causation. And they have done this with most every wave of immigrants: “Every Irish/Italian/Chinese/Mexican person I’ve ever seen is poor and desperate. It must be an Irish/Italian/Chinese/Mexican thing.” Do immigrants ever represent the best their country has to offer? Usually not. They are usually down and out, poor, uneducated, etc. But that has to do with their circumstances, not their race.

Illegal immigration is a boon for racists. Just like slavery was. It seems to anecdotally confirm the racist’s prejudices. But these prejudices are dependent on a very narrow understanding of human nature and divine providence. Am I saying that races do not have certain common traits generally speaking? No. But I am saying it is unfair and untruthful to judge an entire race by that race’s most destitute members.

For instance, please don’t judge the human race on the basis of racists. It will certainly make you despair for our survival.