Illegal Immigrants About To Push Grandma Off The Cliff

Since Reagan’s 1986 Immigration Amnesty, entitlement dependent illegal immigrants and their families have become a financial burden that American families can no longer afford to bear. Some experts predict that it will take 300 years for our current immigrant families to pay any substantive share of income taxes. In other words, America will not experience any fiscal relief from Immigration Reform for at least a century. Any Republican that supports any proposed Immigration Reform legislation is failing to consider the immediate financial reality of allowing this group of people to continue to live and work in America on the taxpayer’s dime.

Consider in 2004, the U.S. unemployment rate was 5.5 %, our economy was growing at a rate of 3.10 %, the U.S. had an obscene national debt of $7 trillion, and 11 million (allegedly) unskilled illegal aliens worked and resided within U.S. borders. In the United States, a family of four living with an annual income of $18,800 (at poverty level) received the maximum food stamp benefit. In Texas, (a border state) the 2004 food stamp maximum was $261 per month ($3,132 per year). In 2004, on average, low-skilled immigrant households received an additional $43,000 (per household) in government benefits and services. At that time, the United States had a Republican President, a Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and Texas had a conservative Republican Governor.

Today, in 2013, unemployment is 8 % (really 15-16%), the economy is contracting, U.S Debt is $17 Trillion and growing, and the same 11 million illegal aliens (probably closer to 30 Million) still live and work in America. The U.S. poverty level is now $23,000 (for family of 4). Some 50 million American citizens—in addition to illegals—live in poverty and tens of millions living under 185% of poverty level receive government subsidies. In Texas, a conservative state, run by a conservative Republican Governor, an unskilled illegal immigrant household (family of 4) receives $789 dollars per month ($9,468 per year) in tax-free food stamp benefits.

Now, add to that, the sum total of every other Federal and State government benefit paid for by U.S. taxpayers (i.e. free Healthcare, subsidized housing, free school lunches, free school supplies, huge income tax refunds, the cost of public school for two children etc.) and living in the shadows doesn’t look so desperate now does it? This is an example of the United States government, both Democrats and Republicans, re-distributing taxpayer income and wealth for decades. This is not some new Obama phenomena America. He has just taken it to the next political level and out foxed Republicans, who once again, were asleep or hiding from the consequences of their failed past policies. For decades, our government’s indiscriminate wealth redistribution policies have created a culture of dependency among all ethnic classes of Americans and now our government wants to, much like Obamacare, add more free loading beneficiaries.

Nothing cost effective ever results from big government benevolence. The Hispanic immigrant population is an example of the expensive social problems created by government’s failures. Since the 80’s Amnesty, government entitlement expenditures for Hispanics have fostered a growth in drug addiction, High School dropout rates, illegitimate pregnancies, black market economies, and the growth of Hispanic social welfare recipients that is bleeding out the taxpayer, the U.S. economy and I would argue the futures of our retiring seniors. Seniors who have already paid their fair share.

American income and wealth confiscation can no longer support our governments entitlement influenced deficit spending and the U.S. economy cannot continue to tolerate the out of control borrowing the U.S government has been addicted to for decades. There are not enough current U.S. taxpayers with legitimate incomes to support current U.S. entitlements, much less an additional 30 million unskilled and poorly educated new citizens. New citizens who do not intend to pay income taxes yet receive in access of $50,000 every year in tax-free benefits for themselves and their families. They will simply vote themselves a slice of the U.S. treasury and unapologetically walk out on our economy as soon as Uncle Obama and Grandpa McCain’s checks stop coming and they have to live on their off the books incomes. Are these the people, John McCain and Lindsay Graham expect to take-up the slack? Please!!?

Every year, a portion of our 70 million strong baby boomer generation (26 % of the current U.S. workforce) are retiring and applying for Social Security and Medicare. In sixteen years short years, retired Americans and the health of the government entitlements they were promised and paid into will become dependent on tax revenue generated by high school dropout/low wage earning/entitlement dependent Americans. Current trends indicate job opportunities in America’s private sector will not be increasing anytime soon, if at all. In other words, expect more people living in America to be added to the ranks of the unemployed or relegated to low paying jobs that yield little to no tax revenue.

Since 2001, the U.S. government both Republicans and Democrats have over spent by an average of $1.5 trillion dollars per year ($17 trillion dollars in national debt/12 years) and they show no intentions of ever reducing or reforming established entitlement spending habits. They just want to add more beneficiaries. Is there some magical math formula, one I never learned, one that only Paul Krugman understands, that enables government to draw blood from of a rock?

It would appear our government is simply grooming Americans for bigger budgets, larger debt, and in the end higher taxes. However, where does our government expect future needed revenue to come from? What class of American worker and family is going to provide the tax revenue necessary to replace that of U.S. retirees? If government is betting on illegal aliens—gifted U.S citizenship—to cover that nut, they are surely betting on the wrong horse. Then again they may be relying on Krugman’s recommendation of “death panels and new taxes” to carry the future.

Regardless of the gridlock, I prefer the Republican party of “NO” then the party currently led by pandering scoundrels just as responsible for this mess as the liberals. Immigration reform is not sound fiscal policy for America and any Republican supporting reform before enforcement should be tossed out on their cans in 2014. If Immigration reform is legislated, it will mean the death of the conservative voice in America forever and our seniors go first. You had better start yelling now America.

Recommended reading: “The fiscal cost of low skill households to the U.S. taxpayer” found at