Illegal Aliens Suing Georgia for In-State Tuition Fees

Why is it that so few people completely ignore the term ‘illegal’ when it is used with aliens or immigrants?  In my book, illegal means the same thing, regardless of how or when it is used.  Illegal trafficking of drugs means that the drugs were transported and sold against the law.  Illegal wiretapping means that whoever tapped someone’s phone did so without legal consent and therefore it was against the law.

But liberal Democrats completely ignore the term illegal when it’s used for aliens, immigrants and themselves.  In fact, I believe that part of the Democratic oath of party allegiance includes the term illegal as standard operating procedure of the party.

Democrats ignore the term illegal as they seek to allow over 1 million illegals to remain in the US, take jobs away from US citizens and use up valuable medical and social benefits that would better serve US citizens.  They ignore the term illegal as they try to provide a path to citizenship to 11 million people who broke the law, while millions of others go through the legal process which can be expensive and take years.

Democrats so ignore the term illegal that they help to empower illegals to demand privileges reserved for legal US citizens.  In Georgia, a group of illegals have filed a lawsuit demanding that they be granted in state tuition rates for attending college.  They play on the emotions of the liberals claiming that it’s not their fault that they are here illegally; it was their parent’s fault.

The Georgia Board of Regents policy for granting in state tuition requires the student to be able to produce legal verification that they are in the United States legally or as their policy states, can prove their ‘lawful presence.’  They do not recognize illegals that have been granted permission to remain in the country by Obama under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Frankly I agree since first, Obama did not have the legal power to make that ruling and secondly, the government even recognizes them as being illegal aliens.  Yeah, I know, the DACA allows them to obtain a two year work permit that allows them to stay and yes the Department of Homeland Security recognizes them as being allowed to remain in the country legally for that two year period, but going to college is not working.  And the bottom line is that they are still illegals who should be forced to return to their home country once they reach the age of 18 and then allow them to apply to come to the US through legal channels like all of the others that follow the law.

I know a lot of people don’t agree with me or believe that I am heartless, but having lived in Arizona for 36 years and seeing what illegals have done and are still doing causes me to have little compassion for them.  The neighborhood that I lived in, before moving to northern Kentucky 17 years ago, was a nice family neighborhood.  I drove through the neighborhood a year and half ago and it has gone downhill.  Homes and yards look trashy and there is graffiti everywhere.  All of the stores in the area are now Hispanic and people tell me not to get caught in my old neighborhood at night.  I was told that some of the homes on my old block have anywhere from 2-3 dozen illegals living there and that home burglaries are rampant in the area.

Yes, there are some illegals who live responsibly, but they are still here illegally and should not be able to garnish the benefits reserved for US citizens and those are in the US legally.  I have close friends that came to the US legally.  It was a long and grueling process but they followed the law and are now proud to be called Americans.  They tell me that allowing illegals to stay here without being punished is an affront to them and makes a mockery of US Immigrations.

I hope that the courts uphold the Georgia Board of Regents and rejects the demands for in state tuition made by the illegal aliens.  They need to hold them to the same laws and rules that apply to everyone else who does things legally.