Illegal Alien & Convicted Felon Freed Twice By Feds After Seeking Asylum Both Times

If there was ever any doubt to the lack of competency of our federal government the case of Jessica Martinez should lay all doubts to rest and prove that they are totally incompetent in protecting Americans.

Martinez and her husband Juan Veliz were illegals from El Salvador and they had five kids.  Apparently, in 2003, the couple used a stolen identity to apply for Social Security benefits, food stamps and any other government handout they could get.  In 2004, the couple were caught and arrested.  Police charged them with identify theft.  They were first sent to jail and then given three years of felony probation.

Veliz was deported back to El Salvador, but Martinez managed to stay in the US, seeking asylum.  She claimed that she would be killed if she was deported back to her country and that she was a crime victim and not a criminal.  While her asylum request was being processed, she was released back into the general population.

Not long afterward, Martinez was arrested and convicted of another felony, grand theft, for her part in a real estate scam.  Her original asylum request was still pending, so the Department of Homeland Security once again released her to walk the streets.  In keeping with her criminal record, Martinez had several more scrapes with the law, but was always allowed to walk free because of her request for asylum.

Finally, her asylum hearing was heard and the judge denied her request.  Nearly eight years after her initial arrest and asylum request, Jessica Martinez was deported back to El Salvador.  I know justice is slow, but eight years is really dragging their feet.

At last Martinez is gone along with her felony convictions and criminal ways and all is good.  Not!

It seems that Martinez once again crossed the US border illegally and is living in Los Angeles, again.  When local law enforcement officers found her and before they could deport her again, she was allowed to file for asylum a second time.  And just like the first time she filed, ICE officials have released her back into the general public pending her hearing.

How can an illegal alien convicted of multiple felonies be allowed to apply for asylum and then be released to do whatever they want?

The case of Jessica Martinez is only one of many cases that Judicial Watch is aware of.  Her case and others have also been brought to the attention of the House Judiciary Committee who is addressing the asylum abuse cases.   Michael Fisher, Chief of the US Border Patrol, told the committee that illegals seeking asylum because of their fear of harm if returned to their country are placed on a ‘credible fear screening process.’

Once someone is placed in the credible fear screening process, they are carefully interviewed and extensive background checks are run on them.  Those background checks include being run through national, state, local and even foreign sources, looking for anything that would be considered terrorist related, or of any interest to law enforcement agencies.  Jessica Martinez’s name should have set off alarms, bells and red flags with her multiple felony convictions, but the system failed to do so and she was set free.

This is the system our federal government has in place to protect us from people like Martinez.  I strongly feel this provides more evidence of why we need to station US military forces along the entire border with Mexico to protect our border and us.  Bring them home from Afghanistan, and use them to protect Americans instead of foreign Muslims.  The tribes and sects in the Middle East have been warring with each other centuries and our troops are not going to stop that.  Instead, we need them here at home to protect us from the millions of unwanted outsiders that are crossing our borders on a regular basis.