If You Vote For This Bill, You Will Never Get My Money Or My Vote Again

An activist electorate has the power to persuade career-minded politicians. Often overlooked, rugged individualism, a prized characteristic of American culture is being replaced by apathy and feigned consternation. Our government exists with our consent. It can also be reshaped—even momentarily—to respect to that consent. We as individuals can send a clear message to government no public opinion poll can ever mischaracterize or misrepresent.

On Monday June 24, 13 Republican Senators voted “Yea” for cloture and the Corker-Hoeven/Gang of eight immigration bill advances. A final vote on legislation is scheduled for Thursday or Friday. A list of Senators who voted in support is available at www.senate.gov under the heading “Legislation & Records”.

America needs to, and I mean needs to, put the fear of an activist electorate into the hearts of every Senator or Congressmen in Washington D.C. We also need to put the same fear into our State Representatives. If America fails to stand up and fight for the defeat of Gang of 8 Immigration Reform, it will not make a difference what party runs this country anymore. It will continue to be run by polls, a biased media, Unions, shadow corporate influences, 501c’s, and an entitlement addicted electorate. Freedom and Liberty will be outlawed and silenced; and Americans will no longer have a voice. Fight for your voice.

Every American should send a brief email to their Senators, Congressmen, Governors and State Representatives warning them of the consequences of supporting any Immigration Reform Bill. They all have websites and they all get emails.

Your US Representatives’ websites are available at www.House.gov and www.Senate.gov . Your State government website will identify and connect you to your various State representatives’ websites.

Recently I wrote an e-mail to be sent to my elected representatives laying down “my” law. It is not nice, nor polite. It is direct and easily understood.


Dir Sir (or Madam),

You are my representative in government. If you vote in support of any proposed Immigration Reform, I, a fourth generation American citizen will never contribute my money, my support or my vote to you again. As the Lord is my witness, if you support any bill legalizing anyone living in the United States illegally, I will vigilantly pursue and support all legal efforts to recall and remove you from office. If you survive those efforts, I will campaign and vote for your opposition before I vote for you.

America cannot afford to buy into Chuck Schumer’s lies again. America has a stagnant economy, almost $17 trillion dollars in national debt, record unemployment, record poverty, record entitlement dependency, record drug and gang related crime, an overburdened an under financed healthcare system, overflowing state and county prison systems, an overpriced and failing public education system and we are also seeing a resurgence of diseases our nation eradicated decades ago.

America needs a budget, a plan to reduce a burdensome government’s size and waste, voter ID, secure borders, tax and entitlement reform and Pre-1965 immigration enforcement.

The addition of tens of millions of new non-English speaking illegal aliens and their families to our legal workforce and government entitlement programs will be a financial disaster for American families and destroy what little respect remains for the rule of law in America. While you earn my tax money, I would like to hear your very public vocal opposition to current Immigration Reform. Sometimes your representation requires you to fight harder for your constituency. I suggest you start.

From now on, you will have to decide to uphold your oath to protect and defend America’s laws or side with the corporations, lobbyists, and special Interest groups that contribute heavily to your re-election campaign. Choose wisely.

May God be with you,

John DeMayo


City, state, zip.


e-mail address

If worthy, feel free to use it. Mine went out today.