If Obama Were A Civilian, He Would Be In Prison

However innocuous, every department of our government has been given the green light by the Obama administration. Green lighted to impede, harass and pursue anyone, and I mean anyone, who refuses to become part of the progressive syndicate’s army of dependents. National and Homeland security is being re-defined and patriotism, what once was tradition in America, is now a suspicious act. Laws on the books designed to protect enemies of freedom now target its protectors.

Immigration reform efforts are not humanitarian. Immigration legislation is designed to destroy national and state sovereignty and citizen privacy protections forever. Before this decade is over, every citizen desiring work in America will need a biometric national I.D. card. It was legislated in 2005, funded in 2010 and mandated in 2011.

Thirteen states are already “Real I.D. Act.” compliant and the rest are busy implementing the Department of Homeland Security national identification policies. All must be compliant by 2021. Many of the compliant thirteen are electoral swingers experiencing a government funded ideological shift to the left. Any State failing to comply with provisions of the “Real I.D. Act” will be denied federal subsidies for infrastructure, security, and eventually healthcare. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has made it so.

The United Nations economic, trade, and arms control agenda—written and supported by Obama Czars—is on the President’s desk. It enables Islamic insurgency, promotes US economic decay and debilitates American global influence. Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is needed elsewhere. Promoted for her loyalty, Rice will be Obama’s National Security Advisor—our new Himmler. Finding, intimidating and silencing the President’s political enemies are her new priority.

As you read this, the worlds puppeteers, the ordained rich and powerful, negotiate American subjugation. Power is shifting. What is left of our representative government, busy hiding their skeletons, continues to appropriate our income, savings, and private property to fund the next phase of freedom’s demise.

Obama is training and equipping his civilian army. Thanks to both parties, the TSA, a crew of loyal soldiers, control air travel and rail. Soon ground will be ceded to this new national civilian security force—the Sicherheitspolizei if you will. Courtesy of both parties, but loyal to Obama.

Government employees will soon control the medical records and healthcare decisions of every American. Americans financial histories and assets will be siphoned. Our children and grandchildren will be indoctrinated and adopt the new American paradigm: submission and the absolute infallibility of those in charge.

The future of our Republic is certain.

President Obama began his ascendancy breaking the law and burying his detractors. If we continue to debate the legitimacy of the obvious and the plausibility of what already exists, Obama will continue to grind away. Our independence from the world will dwindle and one day the air you breathe will be rationed. Our President is running a criminal enterprise. Millions of his loyal followers, now dependent on their piece of the take, are being empowered to dismantle and forever silence dissent. Acrimonious public employees with a Presidential mandated axe to grind will continue their relentless insurgency designed to destroy conservatism’s legacy. No committee hearing will prevent it. None.

Presidents, like organized crime bosses, are famous for avoiding prosecution. The closer you get to them the more they push to intimidate and destroy their pursuers. All enemies are targeted and no one forgiven. Examples will be made and lives destroyed. President Obama is a criminal and, if allowed to continue his reign of tyranny, America may not recover. He must be brought to justice.

Legislation has consequences. It appears that they no longer apply to government, only the governed. Our lawmakers have given the most dangerous President in our history the power to destroy our nation. Our Constitution gives them the power to prevent it. It also gives the people the power to change the government. Time is running out.

What do you think of that Barry?