If Obama Really Wants to Stop Violence, He Needs to Start with Black Gangs

It seems that ever since Barack Obama moved into the White House, the number of incidents of violence by black mobs has been steadily increasing.  Some of the violence is against other blacks, but the number of cases where it has been directed at whites has taken an upward trend.

Still little or nothing is being done to stop the growing violence being carried out by black gangs and mobs.  In fact, it seems the liberal media does its best to play it down and not make it a big news story.  They try to keep sweeping it under a rug to hide it from the public, but the lump of violence under that rug is showing more and more and someone is going to have to address it soon.

For example, the media recently reported that a fight broke out at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis involving perhaps two dozen people.

However, eyewitnesses said that the violence involved a lot more than two dozen black people and that it was widespread through the mall and caused property damage as well as physical damage.

It seems it all started when police were dispatched to a scene at the McDonalds located in the mall parking lot.  Up to 50 blacks had gathered when a skirmish broke out, along with two guns.  No shots were fired and the police broke up the crowd.  Not long after, the police were called to the Sears store in the mall where a large mob of blacks were storming through the store, turning over displays and racks of merchandise.  When the police arrived, they found over 100 blacks were fighting in the food court.  Of the 100 involved, only 5 blacks were arrested.

The media refused to report the truth or that the violence was caused by blacks.  The report never mentioned the mass assault on the Sears store or that over 100 blacks were fighting in the food court.  But after the local news reported on what happened, people began posting to the news site what they witnessed.

One man who witnessed what happened posted:

“Young black thugs were everywhere and caused this. I witnessed the entire thing.  I did see sagging pants, foul-mouthed black youth everywhere with hats cocked to the side, and talking major s###. As a black man, I’m reporting my findings.”

Other postings said:

“Bottom line is there is always one immediate and totally obvious identifier when there is a disturbance of this sort. Be it Lafayette Square, The Canal, Circle Center Mall or 33rd and Drexel, young blacks raging out of control are at the heart of it.”

“The cops have a great job in downtown Indy. In fact too good, they have chased these gutter rats out to Castleton. We went to the mall last weekend, these animals were everywhere. These animals have no fear of the police. They know that the cops won’t do anything except to put them on a bus or call their parents.”

“It infuriates me that racial slurs are slung; the mall kids are all out of control and nothing about color or ethnicity is necessary.”

Colin Flaherty of WND, has documented over 450 cases of black mob violence in over 85 cities across the US.  It’s not just an Indianapolis thing, but it has been occurring nationwide, even though you probably haven’t heard much about it.  It’s an embarrassment to Obama and his black presidency.  These are the people that elected him and they are out of control, as is Obama.

Before he tries to strip Americans of their constitutional right to bear and own guns, he needs to start cleaning up the violence being carried out by his fellow blacks.  If he can’t do anything for them, we citizens demand the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from the black mobs as well as our tyrannical government.