If ISIL isn’t Islamic, Why Such Concern Over Tashfeen Malik’s Burial?

ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents.” – Barack Obama

I find it funny that with every act of Islamic terrorism, from Fort Hood to San Bernardino, a horde of people rush to Islam’s defense. Leftist journalists bleed on their keyboards, publishing articles and sending tweets making sure we all know that “Islam is peace!” Politicians take to the airwaves to remind us that not every Muslim is a terrorist, and that ISIL and Al Qaeda have nothing to do with Islam. They’ve perverted of a peaceful faith!

It seems to me that if a religion is dominated by peace-loving people, we wouldn’t need to be reminded every day how peaceful it is. I’ve never heard President Obama deliver an impassioned TelePrompTer-assisted speech telling Americans that Christianity is peace, or Judaism is peace, or Buddhism is peace. Only Islam.

So, if Islam is a religion of peace, and ISIL is not Islam, why was there such concern over the burial of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik?

Islam has very particular burial rituals. A body must be cleansed, wrapped in white cloth, and buried facing Mecca. According to Reuters, after several cemeteries refused to consider taking the body of a mass-murderer, Tashfeen Malik was finally buried per Islamic practices on December 15th.

Why? If ISIL is not Islamic, and Malik pledged her allegiance to ISIL prior to her death, as reported, why was it necessary to make absolutely certain she was buried per Islamic tradition? If Malik pledged herself to ISIL, thus allegedly rejecting “true” Islam, it shouldn’t matter how she’s buried.

Moreover, who made sure it happened? Who fought doggedly for a traditional burial for this allegedly non-Muslim murderer? Why did they do so? According to Reuters, about ten people attended this non-Muslim’s funeral. Seems odd, no?

That’s all.