I Have A Ribbon For Obama And America

Just a crazy thought. Clearly, the government does not give a hoot about the issues that are a priority to productive Americans. As it always is, the U.S. government expects “we the people” to shoulder the financial burdens both parties heap on us, one after the other. Although we bare some of the responsibility for the actions of those we elect, rarely do we have any significant way to remind government they work for us.

It is hard to remember the last time the U.S. government actually solved a problem without creating additional misery. Now all they do is procrastinate on serious issues, wait for elections, and then they squabble and procrastinate until the next election. Whether you support the President or not, last night’s State of the Union and the Republican rebuttal were a waste of time. I would have rather seen a lively debate—with the President’s participation—instead of the back slapping, sulking, and childish whining that always seems to follow our governments self-aggrandizing pontifications.

It may be a silly suggestion, but I think Americans should start a ribbon wearing campaign to show our dissatisfaction with our government and the direction that it is pursuing? Regardless of what Washington says and thinks most Americans don’t agree with anything that is being proposed to fix the debt, deficits, economy, unemployment, taxes, healthcare, illegal immigration, abortion, gay marriage, crime, and big money’s influence on our elections and legislation.

Our government stinks. Obama’s government stinks. The liberal ideology stinks. They do not know it. Obama does not know it, but they stink. I think we all can agree that skunks stink too. Skunks can be smelled for miles. Skunks leave a stinky trail everywhere they go; a smell that lingers and is hard to wash away. Just like our government. I think worn out Americans should start wearing skunk ribbons—a black ribbon with a white stripe down the center—to show our government just how much we think they stink.

It may sound stupid, but ribbon campaigns are a cheap way to bring communities together to support a common goal. Perhaps this silly idea would catch on. We could have a “government awareness month.” Professional athletes could wear skunk armbands and shoe laces to support taking back control of our government and their runaway stupidity. Imagine American neighborhoods with entire streets with skunk ribbons rapped around trees.

It really would not take much, just a roll of ribbon and a safety pin.

Obama is dividing America. Let us show him and our elected officials what we think of them every day by sporting a very visible and subtle symbol of protest against government’s failure. Heck if it catches on I will commit to writing one column per month dedicated to “The Skunk of the Month” a carefully selected and graphic expose’ of one of our rank politicians stinking up our government.

So what do you think?