Hurricanes, Wildfires, And Temperatures At Record Lows In 2013

You have to view climate alarmists with two parts disdain, one part pity, and on those latter occasions a dash of love.

The disdain part should be obvious. Most of the “leaders” of the climate-change movement, formerly the global-warming movement, formerly the global-cooling movement, know that the lie they’re pushing is a lie. The “solutions” they propose are the very same things they were asking for even before climate-change alarmism had become trendy (just a coincidence, I’m sure).

“Hey, guys, you know how we’ve been wanting to raise taxes forever and trying to get all the countries to melt into one another to form one world government? Well, it just happens that the world is melting quite literally because, you know, science, and it just happens that the only way to heal the planet is to give us liberals exactly what we’ve been wanting for a very long time now. But now you have a reason to, you see: the world is ending, and only our longest-held desires can save it.”

Convenient, to say the very least.

The pity I mentioned, laced with love, stems from an appreciation for the innocence of fools. It’s the same emotion felt for the humorous stupidity of Chicken Little, who, when an acorn plunked upon her pea-brain-encasing noggin, erupted into a comical panic about the actual sky falling to the earth. She spread this genuine fear of hers to her friends and soon everybody believed the end was nigh.

Climate hobbyist Al Gore falls into the first category, those who spread the fear for their own ulterior motives. Gore and others like him have made a killing off of the gullibility of those in the second category, the ones who are victims of their own naïveté.

A small amount of respect is due to the agenda-driven liars in the first category, though. They’re the Jim Joneses of what we should only loosely refer to as the science world. They know they’re spreading falsehoods and, considering how successful they’ve been at it, they’re doing it magnificently. Evidence against their preaching crops up continuously, but they keep on keeping on, much like cult leaders shepherding the simple.

This year is ending as one of the most mild years ever in terms of events that climate alarmists claim should be on the rise.

They say tornadoes should be increasing in number; however, the number of tornadoes in 2013 was the lowest number in the last thirteen years.

They say wildfires should be increasing in number; however, the number of wildfires in 2013 was the lowest number in the last nine years and the number of acres burned was the second lowest in that same time frame.

They say the number of 100-degree-plus days annually should be increasing; however, 2013 had the fewest number of 100-degree-plus days ever since records on this started being kept about 100 years ago.

They say hurricanes should be increasing in number; however, 2013 has seen only two hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, both of which were only category 1, and the Pacific hasn’t had any major hurricanes this year at all.

Just as some small respect is earned from those who are devout in whatever religion they choose, so too must I tip my hat to the nuts known as environmentalists for digging their feet in regardless of what’s thrown their way. And they’d appreciate it greatly if we would be so kind as to stop noticing all those numbers and statistics.