HuffPo Publishes Story Of Disability Fraud Without Mentioning Fraud

When Americans hear of other countries where poor parents might deliberately disfigure their children in order that they will provoke more sympathy when they beg on the streets, they typically feel a mixture of revulsion for the parents and pity for the child. Many Americans have similar feelings when they hear of single mothers with multiple children encouraging their teen daughters to get pregnant out of wedlock in order to win welfare benefits from the state. Behind this feeling is that children are supposed to grow up into mature human beings—and that maturity means, barring some disability, productivity rather than dependency. God calls each of us to contribute to the needs of others and to support ourselves by the work of our hands.

It has finally become official, that since 2007, more and more people have dropped out of that process by “becoming” (?!) permanently disabled. As the Huffington Post reports:

“Social Security is approving disability benefits at strikingly high rates for people whose claims were rejected by field offices or state agencies, according to House investigators… Claims for benefits have increased by 25 percent since 2007, pushing the fund that supports the disability program to the brink of insolvency, which could mean reduced benefits. Social Security officials say the primary driver of the increase is demographic, mainly a surge in baby boomers who are more prone to disability as they age but are not quite old enough to qualify for retirement benefits. The disability program has been swamped by benefit claims since the recession hit a few years ago.”

Sorry, HuffPo, but the number of people “prone to disability” did not just happen to spike in 2007. People decided they had nothing to lose by trying to get disability rather than try to find a new job. And once they got away with it, others learned that they could do the same.

“The most common claimed disability was bone and muscle pain, including lower back pain, followed closely by mental disorders, according to the program’s latest annual report.”

Why would the category that expands the most just happen to be the one with the least possibility of objective verification? It wouldn’t. It didn’t. People are telling the lie that they find easiest to get away with.

Our welfare system is teaching people to become non-working fraudsters. They degrade themselves and rob those who still work. It is truly an evil system. It has been acknowledge before. NPR did a whole show entitled “Unfit For Work.” Economic blogger Mike Shedlock, “Mish,”renamed it “Unwilling To Work.” There are places where as many as a fourth of the entire population are on disability—such as Hale County, Alabama.

“Hale county’s Dr. Timberlake asks a simple question to all his patients. ‘What grade did you finish?’ If you claim ‘back pain’ and do not have a degree, Timberlake believes you are disabled.’”

Similarly to how parents disfigure beggar children in other cultures, parents raise children to conform to disability:

“Jahleel’s mom wants him to do well in school. But her livelihood depends on Jahleel struggling in school. This tension only increases as kids get older. One mother told me her teenage son wanted to work, but she didn’t want him to get a job because if he did, the family would lose its disability check.”

children on disability

Mish has written more about this sad phenomenon (here and here). The bottom line is the state is training a growing population to be needy and dishonest.