Huffpo Complains About Sequester-Cut Flu Shots While 1 In 5 Americans Struggles To Eat

Every single fall I see the sign for flu shots—priced at less than a tank of gas. Every single autumn I sneer at the sign and choose to remain uninjected. If I respond to the sign at all, I do so by increasing my intake of vitamin C and vitamin D—a cheaper and more effective method of prevention. Since I rarely get the flu at all, I don’t see any reason to get the shot.

If you like to get your flu shot, that is fine. This is a free country. But this non-story about anther cut due to the sequester is silly.

“The Air Force will no longer be giving free flu shots to civilian employees this year, due to the federal budget cuts known as sequestration. Last year, 12,000 employees were vaccinated under the Air Force’s program, free of charge. Now, only beneficiaries of TRICARE, the Defense Department health system, will be eligible, along with members of the military, their families and military retirees… The Air Force added that it had had to purchase vaccines in early 2013, ‘when this year’s budget numbers were less certain’; sequestration went into effect on March 1.”

I highly doubt these employees are now unable to afford the shots if they want them. But the Huffington Post makes this sound like some kind of dire problem—since the media has blamed the GOP Congress for the sequester.

To put this complaint about sequestration in perspective, consider this headline from the Gallup organization: “More Americans Struggle To Afford Food: Americans’ overall access to basic needs is close to record-low.”

“More Americans are struggling to afford food — nearly as many as did during the recent recession. The 20.0% who reported in August that they have, at times, lacked enough money to buy the food that they or their families needed during the past year, is up from 17.7% in June, and is the highest percentage recorded since October 2011. The percentage who struggle to afford food now is close to the peak of 20.4% measured in November 2008, as the global economic crisis unfolded.”

Of course, this failure of the Obama Administration (building on the failure of Bush Administration but making it far worse), when it was reported by the Huffington Post, was linked up to food stamps in order to distract the reader from Obama’s economic failings by directing blame at the Republicans.

But food stamps aren’t going to fix this broken economy. Mike Shedlock at Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis points out the real culprits:

  1. The Federal Reserve
  2. Fractional Reserve Lending (Central banks in general for sloshing money around).
  3. Lack of a Gold Standard
  4. Congress (for throwing money at numerous programs)
  5. War-mongers

The bottom line is that the Liberal Media’s fixation of increasing government spending is not helping the economy. To try to make the drastically small cuts of the sequester look like a national emergency is irrational and destructive.

The media is trying to convince Americans to oppose all spending reductions. That will prevent economic recovery.