Huckabee Is Wrong; Liberal Women Can’t Control Their Libidos

According to Democratic philosophy, liberal women just want sex sex sex, and the only way to ensure their happiness is to ensure they have the means to have sex sex sex at any cost and without consequence. Hence taxpayer-funded birth control and on-demand abortion.

Feminists can whine about this estimation all they want, but their unwavering allegiance to the Democratic Party proves the estimation a correct one: liberal women are obsessed with sex.

Don’t get me wrong—men are obsessed with sex too. Humans are sexual. But men don’t vote with their penises the way feminists vote with their vaginas. I mean, for goodness’ sake, there are things more important in a political candidate than whether or not he’ll keep money flowing to Planned Parenthood so women can have their cheap, loveless thrills in the sack.

But not to a liberal woman. To them, sex is the meaning of life. Controversial words, but true.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was either too afraid to say as much or he doesn’t agree with me (probably the latter, since he naively respects people too much). But what he did say still got him plunked into a pot of boiling water.

In a speech to the Republican National Committee, Huckabee, who is considering a second run for president after his failed attempt to win the 2008 Republican nomination, said, “Women I know are outraged that the Democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have the government provide for them birth control medication. If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them prescriptions each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it.”

Huckabee did not say that women can’t control their libidos, as his critics are alleging; he said that that’s what Democrats believe. He did not say the Democrats are right about this (I say that); in fact, he even said he does not agree with Democrats that women are nymphomaniacs.

“Women I know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything that anybody else can do,” he said. “Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women. That’s not a war on them, that’s a war for them.”

So even when Republicans pander to women the way Democrats do, they still get accused of being sexists. Huckabee even trotted out the idiotic liberal claim that women are “capable of doing anything that anybody else can do.” Shouldn’t such a patronizing statement as that make liberal women swoon?

No, of course not, because liberal women don’t want to be able to do anything that anybody else can do; they want it to be done for them. They want “Uncle Sugar,” as the Huckster dubbed the government, to stream the money their way, the sex accessories their way, the abortion doctors their way. They can’t live without their dependence on the men who run the government, nor, despite their claims, do they want to live independent from those men.

Huckabee accuses Democrats of believing this. Huckabee is right—Democrats do believe that; Huckabee is wrong—the Democrats are right to believe it. Liberal women are controlled by their libidos, and Democrats know it and exploit it. Democrats who are acting outraged are just showboating, whoring themselves out for the female voters, who, when they see a Democratic politician, whore themselves out in return, saying, “Ah, now there’s someone I can depend on to make my sex life easier. He’ll always have my loyalty. Republicans, on the other hand, they can go to hell; they see me as something other than a sex fiend. Well, they’re wrong.”

Indeed they are wrong. Republicans, don’t try to win the feminist vote. It will never happen, for yours is not the party of licentiousness; leave that title to the ones who clamor for it so enthusiastically: the Democratic Party.