How the U.S. Created ISIS

Who created ISIS explained on video!

It’s no secret that our government funds terrorist organizations to achieve their geopolitical goals. Al Qaeda was a U.S. creation, and as soon as the media/political establishment eliminated bin Laden from their script, they needed a new face of the “War on Terror.” Something that would rekindle America’s fear and convince them that we need to continue our Middle East wars indefinitely. That’s where the Islamic State comes in.

Different organization, but similar idea. The media portray the terrorists as “freedom fighters” who are only trying to fight back against an oppressive regime, like Syria. (Only in that context would our government espouse the idea of taking up arms against your own government because of oppression. If someone were to even suggest such a thing in America, he’d be arrested and treated as a terrorist, if he’s not killed first.)

Since the media and political establishment portray these terrorists as “freedom fighters,” it rallies the American people to the side of giving these people money, weapons, and training, so that they can successfully fight off their own government. They never report on where these organizations actually come from, or the atrocities that these terrorist organizations are committing against innocent civilians. They concoct stories about how the Syrians were gassing their own people, when the evidence pointed not to the Syrian government, but to the Free Syrian Army, the very group that the U.S. is funding and supporting and calling “freedom fighters.”

It’s this group that’s sending money, weapons and manpower to the Islamic State. Ben Swann explains more in his video:

I think he’s correct about how the media spin all this. They want to make it look like ISIS came about because the U.S. wasn’t involved enough in the Middle East. The reality is that the U.S. is plenty involved. They helped create ISIS, and they are using ISIS for their own ends, as they used bin Laden and Al Qaeda.