How Many More Bostons Can Obama’s America Expect?

I would not trust Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security to baby sit a chicken much less keep America safe from future terrorism. Somehow, two foreign born, young men of Muslim faith, granted political asylum as boys, obtained US citizenship, duped our intelligence and immigration authorities, acquired a substantial cache of explosive devices and firearms, and perpetrated another act of terror on US soil. All planned and perpetrated during the watch of Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and Barrack Hussein Obama. Go figure.

Since 911, Americans believe the FBI, DHS and ICE are working to prevent the growth of terrorism in our Republic. Over a decade of constitutional infringement and citizen surveillance laws passed to protect America from our terrorist enemies. So how did two radical young Muslim men, who could not afford the repair bill on a car, acquire the firepower they turned against a state with some of the most strident gun control/licensing laws in the country? New gun laws fix nothing. They only allow the government to trample on law-abiding citizens rights when government is caught screwing around.

Briefly, Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun and ammunition regulations in the United States. By law, all handgun purchases require a valid state issued Firearms Identification card (FID) or license to carry. Current Massachusetts law prohibits assault style weapons and magazine capacities over 10 rounds unless lawfully possessed on or before September 13, 1994 and automatic firearms are prohibited. You must possess an FID to purchase ammunition legally in Massachusetts. In addition, non-permanent resident aliens (green card holders) who reside in Massachusetts can hold a permit to possess non-large capacity rifles and shotguns. How comforting.

Due to his domestic violence conviction, the older brother involved in the Boston terror attack, should have been prohibited from purchasing or owning any firearm. Due to his age, the younger brother (who resided in a college dorm) could only legally purchase or own non-assault style weapons after his 18th birthday (unless he provided parental permission). So how did these brothers—once interviewed by the FBI for suspicious activities—finance and acquire the arsenal overlooked by both Massachusetts and Federal law enforcement? Why did it take a terrorist attack, multiple murders, traumatic amputations, and the lockdown of a US city to shine the light on the activities of these men and their unknown accomplices?

Last week’s terrorist attack on Boston and the resulting fugitive dragnet is yet another example of our broken government in action. Federal, State and Local Government failed the people of Massachusetts and additional laws will not fix or forgive the incompetence that led to the events in Boston. Will Americans continue to trust in a government that missed Wes Point Grad and Army Officer turned jihadist, Nidal Hasan. A government that allows the Muslim Brotherhood to raise tax free Islamist money and influence American public policy and more importantly, national security protocols. Is this the same government that can be trusted to carefully screen newly sworn Islamic citizens and monitor their covert plans to attack the public?

President Obama and eight US Senators are currently pushing new laws to fix—what they like to call—our broken US Immigration system. The proposed legislation our government is considering calls for the open acceptance of existing illegal and non-permanent resident aliens as future US citizens. Many of these future Americans are enemies of our nation and our government has failed to identify and refuses to monitor them. Many of them are sleeping monsters like the immigrant brothers and their accomplices that turned Boston into a war zone for 5 days.

The US government’s decades of failure to maintain and control our borders and our immigration standards created last week’s Boston terrorist act. Our government has allowed the children of our enemies to cross our borders, become educated in our schools and universities, and learn the delicate ballet required to be a successful extremist in America. Now our government wants it legalized.

Someone should ask the still wet behind the ears and newly anointed Republican stud Senator, Marco Rubio, how the current Immigration Reform bill will prevent future attacks by foreign-born enemies posing as good Americans. Perhaps Senator Rubio could tell me how a government that cannot deport millions of illegal aliens can adequately verify millions of potential citizen’s characters and loyalties. Is America now to expect our President, his DHS and his Justice Department, to all of a sudden, respect our nations laws or is it more likely we should expect more Boston’s, Fort Hoods or worse?