How I Know The Left Still Fears The Tea Party, AKA Average Americans

Vernon Howard said: “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”

Allow me to be blunt: Liberals hate the Tea Party. The funny thing about hate though, is that it has to come from somewhere. Hate cannot live in a vacuum, because it would soon lose strength, and fade. The hatred that the Left holds for the Tea Party is continuous, and seemingly robust. It is enduring, which means that it has a fount from which it drinks to stay so strong. That fount is the power of the Tea Party.

The Left would love to have everyone believe that the Tea Party has disappeared; that is has lost the power it once had. They want us to believe that the once election-shifting group has withered to a meager size; and that those left are simple hill folk, racists, bigots, and anti-government psychos. Despite their efforts, one has only to look to the substantial and persistent mention of the Tea Party in the news to know that it’s not going anywhere.

This week alone, CBS reporter Elizabeth Palmer brought up the Tea Party when discussing the elections in Iran; comparing the Iranian candidates to Tea Party “extremists.”

Well, he was seen as the most reform-minded of all the candidates who ran this time, that being said, they were all very conservative. In US terms it was as if all the candidates for the presidency came from the Tea Party.

What Palmer is doing by making this obviously incoherent comparison is trying to quietly demonize the Tea Party. Without using exact words, she is comparing the Tea Party to Islamic extremists.

Popular HBO show, The Newsroom, called the Tea Party the “American Taliban.” It is also through fiction that the Left is trying to disavow the Tea Party. Any time someone or something is labeled in such a way as to compare them with an easily and rightfully demonized group of people; you know fear is the cause. I cannot count the number of times I have been called a fascist, a Nazi, or a bigot when debating a Liberal. Ad Hominem attacks are their defense mechanism.

Finally, Tea Party star Ted Cruz was recently slammed by Jeb Bush in an interview for the Christian Broadcasting Network. Bush said: “He’s very articulate…He’s deciding right now, I think, what path he wants to take. I’m for solutions…To actually find creative solutions in a divided country to solve them is what we ought to be focused on.”

What Jeb Bush is not so subtly implying is that because Ted Cruz is part of the Tea Party; that because he is a staunch conservative, he’s “not for solutions.” Once again, by painting the Tea Party–and those who identify with it—as unmoving, unthinking, ideologues, Bush has joined the Liberal chorus. Bush—in his desire to have everybody like him—is trying to distance himself from true Conservatives.

What all of this says to me is that despite the Liberal community trumpeting the death of the Tea Party; it is actually stronger than it has ever been. And that terrifies the Left. They are spitting so much hatred because they are deeply afraid of the average American. They don’t want 2014 and 2016 turning out like 2010.

The Tea Party is strong, and it does not need the approval of the Left. That’s the whole point. The more the Left tries to demonize the Tea Party, the stronger I know we are. It seems we’re on the right track.

We’ve got the Left on the ropes; they’re pushing back with what little they have; and we are growing stronger for it.