How “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Will Destroy America

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” ― Suzanne Collins

It seems like every other day, our country faces a crisis. Every time I turn around, the Democrats and faux Republicans are trying to dismantle our country by pushing massive, needlessly complicated bills that would make the United States weaker. They push legislation that would increase healthcare costs, cause Americans to lose their jobs, and ultimately make us all more dependent on the federal government. The entire time Barack Obama has been in office, he has been systematically tearing our nation apart at the seams. Now, with the help of useful idiots, like Marco Rubio, and John McCain, the Democrats are checking yet another item off their wish list: amnesty.

The Gang of Eight immigration reform bill has been doomed from the start. With weak-willed Conservatives teaming up with conniving Democrats, there was never really a chance in the first place. The Republicans have once again been manipulated. However, what’s even worse than the manipulation is the bill itself.

It’s now coming out that the amnesty bill will essentially make hiring newly legalized aliens preferable to hiring legal citizens, and legal immigrants. A portion of the bill mentions that newly legalized aliens will not be eligible to receive Obamacare benefits. This piece of the legislation incentivizes employers to hire newly legalized aliens because they won’t have to pay penalties for Obamacare.

Remember the Liberal argument about illegal immigrants taking the jobs most Americans won’t do? Besides that argument being absolute hogwash, now, they won’t even be taking our unwanted jobs, but all of our jobs.

According to Dr. Susan Berry:

If the immigration bill becomes law, many employers could receive incentives of hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire amnestied immigrants over American citizens. In addition, these newly legalized immigrants could work “full-time,” an advantage for companies and businesses as well, while employers could lay off or diminish to “part-time” status, American workers.”

You may believe I’m crazy, but I think that this has all been engineered. From the beginning of Obamacare to the soon to be legalization of 11 million illegal aliens, the Democrats are creating a culture; a society of need.

1. Newly amnestied illegals will overwhelmingly vote Democrat, giving them a massive and almost unbeatable advantage in future Presidential elections.

2. Incentivizing the hiring of amnestied illegals over other citizens will destroy the economic base; mainly the lower and middle class.

3. This will result in millions of unemployed Americans, who will have no other option but to receive handouts from the federal government in order to stay afloat.

It’s a win-win situation for Democrats. They get all the new votes, as well as creating a society centered around the need of a large, overreaching, maternal federal government.

This will erode American confidence, and morale, and ultimately lead to the fall of the American empire. It’s happening in Europe, and Greece; and it will happen here. Democracy cannot last forever, and the Democrats are attempting to rush the process of destruction.

Once we have fallen apart, I cannot say how long it will take to put ourselves back together; if that is even a possibility. We need to fight this bill, tooth and nail; and never stop trying to repeal Obamacare. We need to elect real Conservatives who will aid us in this fight. And finally, we need to recall every faux Conservative in the Senate, from John McCain to Lidsey Graham. Their time as useful idiots needs to come to a close.