How Climate Change Has Helped the Democrats Get Millions of Votes

Politics have no relation to morals.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Jeb Bush just said he’d embrace efforts to lower our carbon footprint, the Pope is talking about climate change, Obama addressed the issue by calling it a threat to national security. Climate change has been made the preeminent issue of our time, but it’s a farce.

Let’s lower the bar here. I believe the climate is changing, but I don’t believe that those changes are due to any man-made activities. We are constantly lied to and told that “the science is settled” on the issue of global cooling–sorry, warming–sorry, climate change–sorry, climate disruption. As Ted Cruz said in a speech serval weeks ago, the prescription–no matter the problem–is always more government control, more government intervention in our lives. It’s a power grab. But more than that, it’s a vote getter.

Setting aside the fact that according to The Huffington Post, Al Gore “has swelled his net worth to about $100 million [from $2 million], largely due to his investments in green energy,” the main reason climate disruption is pushed to such a strong degree is because it attracts voters to the Democratic Party.

It’s apocalyptic voting.

The Democratic Party has attached itself to the theory of anthropogenic global warming and used it as a device to scare people into voting for them. They set up the scenario: the ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, the world is in grave danger. Then they claim to have a solution: reduce our carbon emissions, get rid of coal, oil, and natural gas. It even gets down to the consumer directly: green your world, change your light bulbs, drive electric cars—you can even get tax breaks for doing so!

The Democrats then tell the eager, but slow-witted masses that they are the singular Party that cares about these things, that they alone are willing to do the dirty work to help save humanity. They tell us that conservatives despise nature. They call them “deniers,” evoking the phrase “Holocaust denier.” They call them “flat-earthers.” They use repetitive name-calling to make conservatives look stunningly stupid and, and moreover, cruel.

The voters then put two and two together and decide that if they want to be a good planeteer, they have to vote Democrat. Who else cares as much as the Democrats? Certainly not conservatives! They are evil, greedy capitalists, whose only care is making money off of oil, and fracking, and murdering polar bears for sport.

Evidence continues to emerge that the data is being manipulated to enhance the left’s warming claims (Google “climate-gate” for more); evidence continues to emerge that man has little to nothing to do with the way our climate functions, but it doesn’t matter. The media, acting as the third arm of the Democratic Party, has conned a large enough portion of the people.

We now believe that climate change is not only very real, but very man-made. Now, this plays into people’s desire to do good, and to feel relevant. People have an inherent desire to save the world, to be superheroes. On this small scale, by voting for the Party they believe cares and will do something about anthropogenic warming, they are doing their part to help save the world.

A vote for Obama is a vote to stop the sea levels from rising; a vote for Hillary is a vote to help save the world from ourselves. It’s the ultimate lazy self-righteousness. I can stop the tremors by walking to the polling station one day every two years. Wow, I’m such a good person.

It’s the United States personified: shiftless losers who want to save the world, but don’t have any personal initiative, so they make themselves feel like they’re contributing by pulling the lever for Democratic candidates every two years.

It’s a powerful feeling to think that even in a small way; you’ve helped save the world. And that’s why the Democrats have pushed this BS so far up the hill; that’s why Obama continues to press that giant red button every time he open his mouth. It’s a ploy for votes, and it works.