Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Backs Down On War Against Christian Pastors For Now

Earlier this week a number of our writers including myself wrote about Houston’s lesbian Mayor Annise Parker’s.

Parker has been feverishly working to convert the entire city of Houston into a LGBT run city and seems ready to stop at nothing to achieve her goal. One of her proudest accomplishments occurred earlier this year when she gave special privileges to LGBT people by designating them as a protected class of people. The special designation now makes it legal for men to use women’s bathrooms, showers and dressing facilities and vice versa.

A number of Houston residents have filed a petition to force a vote to overturn Parker’s lesbian ordinance. In response to that drive, Parker recently set out in an outright attack at Christianity by subpoenaing a number of pastors, demanding copies of their sermons and all communication with their congregation. Her actions are an outright attack of the First Amendment rights of the pastors, but that wasn’t going to stop Parker from her goal of squelching the preaching of the Word of God.

Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is also running for governor, sent a letter to Houston’s City Attorney David Feldman informing him that the subpoenas were a violation of the First Amendment rights of freedom of religion. He called on Feldman and Parker to immediately withdraw the subpoenas. Not many politicians these days will stand up for the First Amendment rights of Christians, especially someone who is running for the governorship of one of the largest and most populated states in the nation. I applaud, and always have, Abbott for his stand.

Evidently, Abbott’s letter and the negative media coverage that Parker has received from all over the nation has been enough to convince her to retreat from her attack on the city’s pastors, but the attack is far from over. Feldman and Parker stated that the subpoenas were too broad and that they probably shouldn’t have included the copies of the sermons. That indicates to me that they are refining the subpoenas to be more specific and that they still intend to go after the pastors in whatever way they possibly can.

Both Parker and Feldman also claim the subpoenas were not their fault as they were prepared by outside lawyers and that neither of them reviewed the subpoenas before they were issued. If nothing else, that amounts to dereliction of duty on the part of both Parker and Feldman.

The people of Houston need to rise up and not just overturn the LGBT ordinance, but they need to launch a recall against Parker, Feldman and sexually confused City Council Whatever Jenifer Rene Pool. They need to take their city back from the perversions that are trying to conquer their city and turn it into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.