HORROR: Aborted Babies Being Sold for Parts Instead of Being Tossed in Dumpsters

Does anyone think it matters to the aborted babies?

Civilization is the lamb’s skin in which barbarism masquerades.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Over the last several weeks, Americans have been shown a series of videos that are shocking, disturbing, and sickening. The implications and outright statements of fact made by those who were secretly filmed reveal a frightening culture of barbarism in many Planned Parenthood facilities.

The most recently released video is the worst yet. It’s not undercover, but an interview with former blood and tissue procurement technician for Stem Express, Holly O’Donnell. In the interview, O’Donnell makes a horrifying admission: some of the organs and tissues harvested from the aborted infants were taken…without the mother’s consent!

It may take you a minute or two to gather up your senses, and tamp down your nausea, but you must press on.

Breitbart reports:

“She described one woman she refused to push for consent, because the patient was physically ill and vomiting from abortion medications…but the next day, other technicians apparently began the process of taking blood samples and preparing to harvest the fetus without the mother’s knowledge…

In fact, O’Donnell went even further and described the harvesting of baby parts against the explicit instructions of at least one pregnant woman she worked with.”

Imagine the following scenario: A woman—let’s call her Karen—goes to Planned Parenthood to have her child executed. The procedure goes off without a hitch; arms, legs, head, and torso are separated and suctioned out of her uterus. Then—and this is where it gets truly upsetting—her dead son or daughter is sold for parts without her consent!

I mean, what happened to common decency? I remember a day when Karen could walk into an abortion mill, have her son or daughter torn apart, and know exactly where those body parts were going: the trash. But now, poor Karen has to worry that Planned Parenthood will sell the organs and tissue of the infant she couldn’t care less about.

You think you know the moral fiber of an organization like Planned Parenthood. Then something like this happens, and you start to question. Has Planned Parenthood lost all sense of ethics?

joker body parts

Should women be fearful that every time they get an abortion, their baby will be sold for parts instead of being tossed into a dumpster? I’d like to live in a world where that’s not something a woman has to go through.

Thank God these videos are waking people up to the horrifying business of non-consent based fetal tissue sales.