Horrible! Man Charged with Manslaughter for Killing Armed Burglar!

Shooting a burglar can land you with voluntary manslaughter charges.

David Hillis, 21, has been charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting a home invader earlier this month, The Plain Dealer reports. Two men, Marcus Glover, 25 and Terry Tart, 37, broke into the home in Akron around 2 p.m.

Hillis was in his home with two other people when two burglars broke in. The burglars held him at gunpoint but Hillis pulled out his own gun and the criminals fled.

Hillis chased them into the yard and fired multiple shots. Glover was found dead not far from the home.

The charge against Hillis is a first degree felony.

“Self-defense is an affirmative defense but people have a duty to retreat when they’re outside the home,” Akron Deputy Chief Prosecutor Craig Morgan told The Plain Dealer. “The only place they don’t have a duty to retreat is inside the home.”

Tart has a history of armed robberies. He was charged with murder because legally, if someone is killed while you are committing a felony, you can face a murder charge.

It is not uncommon for people to be charged for shooting a fleeing burglar. A Kentucky man is facing murder charges after he chased burglars down the street and fatally shot one.

David Hillis

David Hillis

Terry Tart

Terry Tart