Homosexual Fakes “Hate Crime” Against Himself, Rakes in $12,000 in Donations

This certainly isn’t the first time a homosexual injured himself and/or destroyed his property and then blamed it all on a bigot’s homophobia. It doesn’t usually take very long for investigators to find inconsistencies in the person’s story, finally eliciting a confession from the person saying that he did it all to himself.

They want the attention. They desperately want to be victims and “martyrs.” The problem is that “haters” don’t hate them nearly as much as they want to be hated.

The latest reported incident comes out of Utah:

Several weeks ago, 21-year-old Rick Jones from the small town of Delta grabbed national headlines after he said he was assaulted and had “Die Fag” carved into his arm last April while closing up his family’s pizzeria. Following that attack, Jones claimed his home was spray-painted and that somebody threw a Molotov cocktail through his bedroom window. Jones told the local media that he believed he was being targeted due to his homosexuality, and other media outlets quickly picked up the refrain.

In response to these attacks, Jones’ family started a GoFundMe campaign in mid-June that collected nearly $12,000.

But now, police say inconsistencies in the evidence have led them to conclude the person behind these “attacks” was Jones himself. His attorneys say Jones has confessed and asked for the hate crime investigation to be terminated.

Paul Burke, an attorney for Jones, told Gay Salt Lake that his client’s actions were “a cry for help” that grew beyond his control.

“This was a 911 call that was misdirected, but real,” he said.

The Jones’ GoFundMe has been updated to announce that all donations will be returned.

“Rick and his family are grateful for the expressions of support, but cannot accept this generosity,” the page says currently.

Jones hasn’t been charged with any crimes yet, but police say they are considering charges for filing a false police report and reckless burning.

Burke, for his part, has tried to portray the faked attacks as a good thing for the community.

“Young LGBT people and others in small communities should feel heartened that their government and citizens will rally around them in a time of need,” Burke continued. “We need to understand that it is still difficult in our state, especially in rural areas, to get acceptance for our sexual orientation from our churches and our families.”

So, this was just some test? To see how people would react? People supported him and donated thousands of dollars. And he still thinks that people don’t accept him? It’s still a problem, “especially in rural areas?”

No one attacked him. He had to do that himself, because no one else would. What is it that he wants? People tolerate homosexuals. That’s what they all claimed they wanted. But that’s not enough anymore. Mere tolerance is now seen as being bigoted. You have to express your unconditional and undying support for homosexuality. You have to put them on a pedestal and openly declare that homosexuality is beautiful, normal, moral, and perfectly healthy. If you don’t do those things, you’re a bigot. And homosexuals feel like they’re being shunned, “especially in rural areas.” Then they’re forced to commit their own hate crimes so that people will feel sorry for them.