Homeowner Shoots 3 Robbers

These three robbers, like so many other criminals, had to learn the hard way that you don’t try breaking in to someone’s house, unless you want to chance getting shot. Especially in a state like Texas.

Three guys broke in a man’s house, and the homeowner ended up grabbing his gun and shooting all three. They fled out the house and into the getaway vehicle before the police nabbed the three at an intersection where they had stopped. The driver fled right before police were able to get him. A local CBS affiliate reported:

A suspected robber is on the run and three others are in the hospital after a homeowner opened fire this afternoon.

“Almost like fire crackers but louder,” said neighbor Felicia White.

According to police, three men went into a home on the 6900 block of Rolling Creek Lane and attacked the homeowner. They said one of the men stole something from his house during the struggle before the homeowner grabbed a gun.

Neighbors reported hearing five gun shots. Police said that bullets hit all three suspected robbers. They said the suspects jumped into a Silver Dodge Avenger driven by a fourth man, and that the suspects stopped at an intersection by nearby Duncanville High School.

The three men who suffered gunshot wounds were arrested and taken to the hospital.

Police are still searching for the fourth suspect.

Can you imagine if this same incident happened in a gun-free state like New York or D.C.? The thieves would have gone in and overpowered the homeowner while they ransacked the place and took whatever they wanted. The homeowner’s life would have been threatened, if not taken.

But it didn’t have to turn out that way. Even though the homeowner was outnumbered, he had the upper hand since he was armed. The gun control crowd would have preferred that he be unarmed, defenseless and a robbery or murder victim. That would be a sacrifice liberals would be willing to make in order to keep guns out of the “wrong hands.”