Homeowner Shoots 2 Armed Intruders; Kills 1, Injures 1

A Florida father of two came home Thursday night to find a couple people who had broken into his house. Neighbors heard a fight ensue and gunshots exchanged. One of the armed intruders ended up dead, and the other escaped. He’s currently in the hospital being treated for his wounds. The homeowner, however, is just fine. CBS12 reported:

A homeowner comes home to find two people in his house.

After several shots were fired, one of the intruders is dead and the other is wounded.

The incident happened in the 400 block of Hibiscus Tree Drive near Lantana about 8:30 Thursday night.

“I heard a couple gunshots and I heard the dog bark and then that was it and I saw a bunch of sheriffs,” said Mike Inman, neighbor.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s investigators say a homeowner came home, went inside and found two intruders inside.

There was a scuffle, the intruders fired shots and so did the homeowner. During the gun battle, both of the thugs were shot. 

One died and the other was rushed to a hospital.

The homeowner was not hurt.

“I’m all for the stand your ground law. I mean if I come home and there’s somebody in my house I would do the same thing.  I mean I support him 100 percent,” Inman explained.

He says the homeowner is an honest hard-working guy, married with two small children, who installs garage doors for a living.

“I’ve seen this neighborhood go from good to bad to good and now it’s back to this,” Inman said.

If this had been New York, the homeowner probably wouldn’t have a gun. But if he did, he’d have to make sure it didn’t have any more than seven rounds. If he had a gun with more than seven rounds in the magazine, and he used the gun to shoot at the armed intruders, he’d be cited for being in violation of their gun laws. Up there in the North, they’d rather have innocent murder victims than dead criminals.