The Hobby Lobby Case Makes the Supreme Court more Popular

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision pundits across the media spectrum were wringing their hands over what might be the fate of the Supreme Court’s respectability…

Apparently, their concerns were misplaced. It seems that, in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision the American public actually has a greater respect for the Supreme Court of the United States than they did previously. So maybe the liberal media should stop trying to pretend they know what we should be feeling and start simply reporting the facts.


Public opinion of the Supreme Court has improved in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision, particularly among independents

Last week’s controversial Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision, which allowed certain “closely-held” corporations to claim a religious exemption from some laws, appears to have helped the image of the Supreme Court – at least with some segments of the public.  In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, Americans are closely divided in how they view the Court, but there has been a slight improvement in the last week.

Although the Hobby Lobby decision was unpopular with Democrats, whose image of the Court shifted from mixed to negative after the ruling, Republicans (who were more positive about the Court to begin with) became even more positive.   Favorable ratings of the Supreme Court jumped six points among Republicans, while unfavorable views rose seven points among Democrats.

But the greatest change in perception of the Supreme Court came from independents.  Last week, independents were more unfavorable than favorable, this week, a majority of independents are favorable.


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