Is Hillary Worried that Obama is Pushing her Further LEFT?

On Fox News Sunday journalist Ron Fournier made an intriguing point while discussing President Obama’s recent State of the Union address. While some may see the speech as an attempt to set up the Democrats for a win in 2016, Fournier opines that this is not at all what the President was doing.

Apparently, many on the Democrat side of the aisle feel that President Obama should be retreating into his lame-duck status – not acting as if he hadn’t recently lost an election by HUGE margins. Fournier argues that instead of attempting to help “set the table” for Democrats in 2016, President Obama is much more concerned with his legacy.

“For 2016 if you ask smart Democrats, including people who are working very closely with Hillary Clinton, they’re worried that what the President did with this very muscular non-bending State of the Union Address is put her in a box. That she could be forced to the LEFT quicker and harder than she’d like to be to be elected in a general election.”



If Fournier is right, then it’s just more proof that President Obama may be the most shallow and small-minded President in the last 100 years.