Hillary to Consider a National Gun Buyback Program if Elected President

Hillary told an audience in Keene, New Hampshire that she would consider a national gun buyback program similar to Obama’s “cash for clunkers” program where people could turn in their old cars for “cleaner,” more efficient ones. The Daily Caller reported:

During the event, which was held at Keene State College, an audience member asked Clinton about Australia’s response to a 1996 mass shooting in which a gunman killed 35 people. Australia passed strict gun laws and instituted a compulsory national gun buyback program.

Through the program — which many have pointed out was actually a cleverly-disguised gun confiscation program — the Australian government, said Clinton, was “able to curtail the supply, and to set a different standard for gun purchases in the future.”

Communities have done that in our country. Several communities have done gun buyback programs, but I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level, if that could be arranged,” said Clinton, who recently released said that she will consider taking executive action to force background checks on private gun sales.

In her remarks Friday, Clinton cited Obama’s much-criticized economic stimulus program, “Cash for Clunkers.”

Enacted in July 2009, the $3 billion program gave car buyers a credit for turning in certain vehicles for more fuel-efficient ones. The stated goals of the program were to stimulate the economy and to cut down on emissions.

Cities and local police departments will sometimes host gun buyback programs where residents will voluntarily and anonymously turn in their firearms. In exchange, the police will give each participant something like a certain amount of free gas or a gift certificate to a local grocery store. Anything to serve as an incentive to get people to turn in their weapons.

If you ask the average gun-grabber why local police departments host these buy-back programs, they’ll tell you that it’s to keep guns off the streets. They might qualify their statement, saying that guns need to be kept out of the wrong hands, and this is a good way to contribute to a reduction in gun violence.

For most police departments around the country, the guns that are yielded in these buy-backs are destroyed. This prompts a lot of conservatives to point out that many of these guns may have been stolen or used in the commission of a crime. And since criminals can turn in their “murder weapon” anonymously, they can effectively get away with their crime. In this life anyway.

It’s also pointed out that enticing a relatively small number of gun-owning residents to turn in their guns does not have any measurable effect on the crime rate. It’s all a sham to make citizens feel safer. And it makes gun control advocates feel better, because at least they’re “doing something” to curb gun violence in getting these guns off the streets.

While those are voluntary, I don’t think what Clinton has in mind would be voluntary, especially if she wants to emulate Australia’s national gun buyback program, which was compulsory. It wasn’t so much a gun buyback program as it was a national gun confiscation program.